Sunday 13 July 2014

hopping about writing

Isabelle from Notes from Delft  nominated me for a blog hop about writing.

what am I working on?
I'm writing this blog hop which is much harder than I thought it would be, I want to share some craft finishes and some garden stories and there hasn't been a recipe for a while.... also I'm trying to plan some new things.

why do I write what I do?

Why do I write? What is it for?
I use it to look back and it makes me look forward.
I write because when I do I pay attention to the world I am in so much more.
I write to celebrate the simple things. A few months ago Annie of Knitsofacto wrote in a comment on one of my posts

" the way in which the perfectly ordinary and everyday can be elevated by the attention we pay to it, thus encouraging others to do the same" 

I love that.
My writing is for sharing and it is for telling stories.
It is for the community I find I am part of when I write and for the friendships that it creates.
I write to make connections and by writing I make memories. 

how does my writing differ from others in my genre?

I couldn't tell you what genre my blog is. I wonder what you would call it? Whilst I write about a range of things there is no plan for it to be lifestyle, nor family, nor craft specific, nor gluten free, or  about gardening or walking, although you will find posts about all those things. I suppose what makes it different is that it's mine.   Oh and I use quite a lot of full stops...........

how does my writing process work?

Good grief this is hard.
I write lists. I take photos. I choose photos I've already taken, and I take some specially. I get cross (most days!) when the camera battery yet again has lost all it's charge, and I don't take photos. Instead I write lists. I lose my lists.
I think of things I want to blog about, and I frequently wonder about the types of regular posts that other people write.
I love reading those posts, the way those blogs have a sense of rhythm, of purpose, of continuity.
and yet....
I don't want to copy, those ideas belong to someone else.
I would like more structure and yet I don't want to feel restricted.
I joined in with a photo scavenger hunt for a while but whilst I enjoyed taking the photos I never enjoyed writing the posts and so I stopped.  I'm enjoying #the year in books, but already I'm worrying that I haven't planned this month's post. Or started the book.
Sometimes I am so fickle, do I want a plan? or do I want to be spontaneous?
I know I need some fresh ideas.
Almost 7 years of blogging.
And still I don't know what I'm doing.....

I'm supposed to nominate some people now, but I'm going to follow Sue's lead and open it up to anyone who'd like to join in. If you want to answer the questions please do, and then come back and let me know when you've written your post and I'll link to you here. That being said I'd love to hear from Ali at Domesticali or Monica at Quilt while you're ahead, because I love their writing styles and I want to know how they do it!

meanwhile if anyone has any top writing tips all will be gratefully received.


  1. Hello gorgeous lady. That all sounds very tricky to answer... from the reading side of your blog, I like the randomness, the positivity, the humour and the honesty. And also the fact that you keep on writing regularly. Top marks m'dear. Ax

  2. I promise to try and post my thoughts on the matter. Might make me actually write something!

  3. I find the reasons behind writing and blogging hard to quantify and I'm not sure that the longer you do it the easier it gets - in fact its probably the reverse. It's funny how it just seems to come easily for some people. You have had a good stab at explaining your reasons - and after seven years of blogging it's a wonder that you have any original ideas left - good on you for keeping at it.

  4. I just did this post yesterday, and I found it incredibly hard to write, when I just write, I write, but when I had to think about what and how and why it all seemed impossible!! Interesting to read your thoughts. xx

  5. Loved reading this post, Tess. I agree that writing is all about savouring ordinary moments - moments that otherwise often pass us by - and appreciating how special they really are. xxx

  6. Annie has a wonderful way with words doesn't she. I loved reading this post, and I agreed with so much that you say about wanting to have more structure or a plan or spontaneity or new ideas. But then I usually just turn up and write. I always like to know how other people do it, and it's fascinating to hear about different creative processes. I think ours are fairly similar! CJ xx

  7. So beautifully put, Tess... And I so agree. Blogging for me, too, is very much about celebrating the ordinary and extraordinary in a week, in life. My blog just happens, I don't really plan posts anymore like I used to in the "early days". It has it's own life. And the very best part of blogging is the friendships made along the way. I've known you some years now--what a lovely thing! :o) ((HUGS))

  8. It's been great to read about the thinking behind your blog, Tess. I don't think I plan anymore - it was getting to all-consuming. So now I just blog when something occurs to me, or when I wish to show a particular piece of work I have finished. Please don't change your blog - it works, and it is you! xCathy

  9. I have loved reading all the posts I have read in this blog hop. It is interesting to read about a blog creation and how the writer organises themselves. I totally get what you mean about not wanting to copy others ideas as it is theirs not yours. I often read posts like that and wish I had thought of it first!

  10. Blogs like yours are my favourites, just someone sharing their own life and interests, whatever they may be....I'm fickle too. I think I've tried every single blog meme out there but for some reason I can never keep them going! Mel x

  11. Finally finding a few more moments to catch up with folk after my knitsofacto blog break, and here you are quoting me ... eek, I'm blushing now.

    I love the way you write Tess, regardless of the why and how, but it was good to read a little more about it.


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