Sunday 24 August 2008

thanks Lucy

Alice wrote a great post recently, called blogs vs life, and she is so right that blogs follow life, and don't dictate them, but increasingly what I am finding is the many ways in which blogs enrich life, and last Thursday is a great example, after ready 2 posts by Lucy at Attic 24 about trips to Bolton Abbey we packed the car, despite the warnings of heavy rain, and set off in search of money trees, and chocolate cake and train sets in cafes. Thanks so much Lucy we had the most amazing afternoon, and look, blue skies, it didn't even rain!

here is the most fantastic view of the abbey from up the hill, quite breathtaking in its beauty, it must have been amazing in it's time.

but before we climbed the hill we had to play in the trees,

and before we went to the cafe we hunted for green men,

and made wishes to the fairies of the money tree

we know there are fairies here, because we saw some, just before they flew off...

and then we found Buffers, the funniest cafe imaginable, stuck in the middle of nowhere, in a time warp, K and E were most enthralled by the calves

the cows walking past our table going to be milked

and furry noses peeping over barn doors,

and that was before we ventured inside to find the trains

in need of a little tlc, but somehow the cobwebs added to the ambiance

and the trains didn't seem to mind..

and better still the money fairies left shiny gold coins under K and E's pillow, to their great delight, so even though it was a long way up the hill for little legs, I don't think they'll mind at all if we go back!


  1. I share yours (and Alice's) blogging sentiments entirely. What a lovely family day out.

  2. What a great day, when I see photo's like this it sure does make me miss England, thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing your great day. I just wish we lived nearer so we too could take a trip to find the money tree, my daughter would love would I.
    Your cow photo is amazing, I love it. It's like the one in Garden Girls new cafe!
    Jane. x

  4. An enriching day for sure. And Alice has a knack of saying things that stick in your head.

  5. I also saw Lucy of Attic 24's posts. That looks like an enchanting place. I love what you refer to as the 'fairies'. They really do remind me of fairies!

  6. I am glad that you had a wonderful day out. What could be nicer than a recommendation from a friend and a cup of tea at the end. That is a really positive example of the power of Blogland.

  7. That looks like a fabulous place with so much to see and do for little ones! I love that money tree and the green man - and your magic picture of the 'fairies'. Lovely post!

  8. I've had so many good suggestions for places to visit from fellow bloggers. Especially useful for me being an American in England. I've discovered so many amazing places I never would have known about otherwise! K x

  9. Alice seems to have struck a chord in Blogland...
    I'm sure I've said this before, but it is the sharing between us bloggers that makes it worthwhile. Thanks for sharing your day - it looks wonderful.

  10. I read Lucy's post too and I think thats one of the great things about blogging - finding out new things and new places to visit. It really does look like a great day out that you had
    lisa x

  11. Awwwwwwwww!!! I am thrilled that you went to BA Tess, and discovered the magic money tree and buffers and the amazing ash tree down on the beach. I'd completely forgotten about the green man trail too (we've only done about a third of it so far)...glad you had fun :: if you ever come agaain, let us know and maybe we could meet up for a cuppa (great caramel slices in the pavillion cafe), we have a season ticket so go to BA often.


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