Wednesday, 22 April 2009

are you sure that's me?

I started a course yesterday, a one term, one afternoon a week type of course, run by the University. It's title is "citizenship in the community". not my usual cup of tea, rather a rash decision after seeing a notice in the library.

I'm not that comfortable about meeting new people, new places, places where I can't hide behind my blog........ it will be fine I convince myself, no-one knows who I am, and that's ok.

we did one of those silly "warm up and get to know the group" exercises. but instead of the usual ask your neighbour some questions and then introduce them to the group, we were given a list;favourite food/drink/book/tv show/place to visit/celebrity chef/film star............. and then had to guess the answers to it, about the person next to you.

so hard..... don't want to offend. don't want to judge.
but honestly

I got descibed as an orange juice dinking, salad lover, who fancies Sean Connery....


oh yes, no-one knows who I am, and that's ok. question is, do I let on who I really am? or shall I play along......


  1. That made me laugh!

    Oh, I hate all that sort of stuff. I love the fact that I can be me' the 'real' me, the 'me' friends probably wouldn't understand through my blog and still seem normal!

    Have a lovely day you orange juice drinker, salad lover, with fanciful feelings for Sean Connery!

    Nina x

  2. Oh, that just sounds like a recipe for hurting people's feelings!

    But if you're up for pretending, why not go for it ;-)

  3. How humiliating to be classed as a Sean Connery woman rather than a Daniel Craig type. So ageing. I would have smacked them.

  4. I'd go for Sean over Daniel any day.

  5. Oh it could so easily go in many directions, I would play safe and be you... but then

  6. Orange juice! Salad!! Hahahaha! (Wonder what they would think of ME.)

  7. :-) Maybe you can be yourself one week, play along the next one to confuse the hell out of them. :-)
    I hope you'll have fun despite being uncomfortable in the new situations. I have to fight my fear all the time nowadays as we live in the new neighborhood, I take my daughter to new playgroups and just started Life Drawing class. Maybe we need to start a support group.


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