Friday, 10 April 2009

cheerio slice recipe

we had a lovely day out at the coast yesterday (photos will follow when I've charged the camera........) but in between fossilling, crab catching, rock scrambling, wave dodging, getting rained on, and going to the pub, the children were fortified by cheerio slices.

melt 4oz toffees, 4oz butter and 4oz marshmallows. we did it in the microwave and it was VERY exciting to watch the marshmallows to evolve into molten goo!

then stir in 7oz cheerios, and spread out in a shallow cake tin (the sort you'd make brownies in) lined with greaseproof paper.

then melt 4oz of milk chocolate, and in a seperate bowl 4oz of white chocolate. carefully place - ok splodge with great glee the two types of chocolate onto the cheerios, and swirl about to make pretty patterns.

let it set, turn out, and cut into wedges. enjoy. get sticky. feel slightly queasy. and have another bit...........


  1. Yikes, I can feel my blood sugar going through the roof!

    Perfect for Easter then ;-)

  2. Yeah, thanks for the recipe they are next on my list!

    Have a lovely Easter,

    Nina x

  3. oh dear this could be dangerous !!! thank you ;-)
    lesley x

  4. They look yummy - I love the ripple you have started too - I have printed out the tutorial but not had a go yet! - Natalie x

  5. I think my god daughter would love making these. What type of toffees did you use?

  6. Yum yum! I've done this with rice krispies! slurp .. and also mars bars ... same recipie but swap the marshmallows for mars bars and leave out the toffee: 3 mars bars, 3 oz butter, 3 oz ricekrispies.. to die for!! xx

  7. I think I could nibble on this all day long, it looks wonderful!
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  8. Oh, I want some! Thanks for the recipe. I'll have to try those! Cherrios are good for you!

  9. Sounds like the best day ever. And possibly the yummiest...

  10. wow. You can make Cheerios even less healthy...


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