Tuesday, 7 April 2009

let the Easter hols begin

our Easter hols began early with a training day on Friday.
local village charity coffee morning /table top sale to the rescue.
pretty spring flowers for me

a brand new set of games in a box for the children, there has been much happy chess playing - and quite a bit of cheating............

followed by some Easter decorating

some cute crafts

and plenty of Easter "baking"

cheerio slice - very sticky and apparently delicious, not surprising as it contains marshmallows, toffee, and two types of chocolate........

and Eastery biscuits - they look too cute to eat, but they're not.........

and best of all some ripply goodness (it's that Lucy again, she's a bad influence on me - so many sewing projects abandoned................), this is my practise piece, created whilst watching the grand prix at the weekend, the cars go round and round, the crochet goes up and down.....love it xx


  1. i love the easter tree and all the goodies look yummy :-)
    i printed out the ripple instructions but am avoiding looking at it till the children are back at school as will be accused of neglect as i spend my time crocheting instead LOL
    Lesley x

  2. Oooohhhh! All those yummy treats!
    I'm very impressed you've made a start on Lucy's ripple pattern already................ I've got as far as printing it out............ with good intentions of course!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  3. Em, baking is on the cards today, and I've many an abandoned craft project!
    There must be thousands of Cornflake cakes in the UK this week!

  4. love the crafting especially the gift for the easter bunny, I've got Milo doing a " holiday diary " . Well done on the ripple , colours are great - I think I'm finally holding up my hands and admitting I'm not a crocheter ...
    Lisa x

  5. oh no. You are too far ahead with Easter. Stop it now.

    (But first, tell me where you got that tree thing to hang the eggs on)

  6. Oooohhh those cheerio slices looking gorgeous as does the crochet!

    Nina x

  7. You have officially become a Crochet Fiend. Stop excelling at fiber arts! I can't take it anymore!! Furthermore, stop making my mouth water with all of those pictures of yummy treats. Sheesh...

  8. Wonderful baked goodies, it looks like you have it altogether for Easter. Lovely ripple crochet by the way.

  9. It looks like you are all ready for Easter; your Easter tree looks lovely!
    Have a lovely Easter-love Lou xx

    PS your crochet looks fab

  10. Marshmallows, chocolates and toffee!!!!! I am hungry right now!

  11. How have those Lindt bunnies survived, unmolested? I bought some, but have hidden them in a distant cupboard...

  12. What wonderful things! Love the Easter decorations and snacks! And the ripple is so great--I can't wait to see it finished!

  13. Your Easter decorating looks lovely. Love the letter to the East bunny - so cute :)

  14. Oh, LOTS of loveliness here. That's a particularly smart Easter tree there and well, the rippling can't be faulted - it looks fabulous. Emma x

  15. That slice looks absolutely delicious. I am a great fan of cheerios even if I don't have any little people at the moment! And I am very impressed with your ripple!! I have the pattern at the ready together with the yarn but can't do anything in the same room as the cats!!!
    love Sheila

  16. am SO impressed by your crochet, I have printed off one of Lucys tutorials ready for my holiday in a week or so, so I can finally master it!!
    Have a lovely easter xx

  17. After reading your post I feel slightly bad for not doing anything other than making hot-cross buns twice.

    Congratulations on mastering crocheting btw.

  18. Oooh you're rippling! Looks lovely. I'd love to do a ripple blanket, but sadly my crocheting skills are pretty nonexistent!
    Easter goodies look lovely!

  19. so much yumminess! The bunny biscuits are so cute "D


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