Thursday, 6 May 2010


yesterday I was feeling quite grumpy as the car is still broken (we got it back, and went one mile in it before it broke again.......) and apparently needs some complicated part that is on back order.....
so I cheered myself up with spotty ribbons. x

today I am feeling quite grumpy as the shop I've been selling bags and tea cosies through in York for the last couple of years suddenly today returned all my stock.

with no explanation, no little note saying these aren't selling, or we're having a clear out and need room for new stock, do you mind. no. nothing. just a box with a list of what's been returned.

so guess, what, this is my 300th post, and suddenly I have in front of me some nice tote bags and brooches, the odd keyring or two and so how about a giveaway.

now because I'm feeling grumpy and in need of tea and cake what you have to do is leave me a comment (preferably one which I can get back to you on) telling me which is your favourite cake, and if you want to tell me which recipe you use then even better. I'll leave it open for about a week, so you have plenty of time to decide which cake is your favourite. I'm off to do some baking - I'm going to start with rhubarb and orange cake - recipe link in the side bar. xxx


  1. I am sorry to hear about your car. And what are those shop people like??? Not even a note before sending your stuff back to let you know what was going on?? Not nice at all.
    As my favourite cake, it has to be the classic Victoria Sponge. Hummmm... It has been some time since I baked one. :)

  2. Oh no, how and products....not even a note, explanation - nothing!

    Cake is a very good remedy...mine would be Nigella's old fashion chocolate cake with extra lashings of chocolate ganache - very me.

    hope the cake lifts the grumps though you've every right to be so.

    take care,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Why are people so mean these days? Rudeness is rampant!! If it's not squawking on mobile phones in public places, it's sending back gorgeous wares without a word of explanation.

    So sorry... xoxoxoxo

    You really shouldn't enter me in the competition, as you have spoiled me plenty already. But myself, I like a good gooey, cinnamon-y coffeecake (no recipe readily to hand, alas).

  4. That all sounds poo- except the cake and giveaway bit!!! I have this very morning knocked up some rose and pistachio meringues- yummy! xxx

  5. What utter sh*ts for sending your stuff back without even a note of explanation - it's so damn rude.

    It wasn't one of those shops on Stonegate was it? (you don't have to tell me).

    Well done on your 300th post.

    Hope you enjoy your cake and that it makes you feel abit better.

  6. What a bunch of miserable......
    sorry they treated you that way x
    Also very sorry to hear about the car...aaaggghh! How frustrating!!
    Thank You for the show and tell Patch ribbons :)
    I'm glad they cheered you up!
    I am partial to a bit of carrot fact these days carrot muffins..with walnuts a la Nigella :)

  7. Very mean, and my favorite cake? A chocolate dump-it cake, recipe here:

    or -- maybe peach pie, or blackberry crumble. Technically not cakes, I know.

  8. Grrr I'm not surprised you are grumpy I would be too- in fact I'm feeling grumpy for you. Would you like me to compose one of my super snotty letters to send them "thanking" them for the return of the goods?? Sorry to hear about the cars too. Whatever cake you make cut a really big slice and enjoy every last crumb! Fave cakes- changes by the day- obviously lemon and raspberry muffins- sharp and sweet at the same time and fill the kitchen with that gorgeous lemon baking smell- or possibly hummingbird bakery's raspberry cheesecake brownie (who says you can have too much of a good thing?) no today I have a hankering for Nigella's chocolate cloud cake but without the orange and with a good glug of brandy in the mix! and a few raspberries sprinkled on top for good measure. Happy baking!

  9. And I thought only the folks on my side of the pond were rude! Actually I think a chocolate-chocolate will help your grumps more than rhubarb-orange.

    Here we have a restaurant that makes a wonderful cake called Chocolate Decadence...I have to say that's my favorite. Can you tell I love chocolate?

  10. Rotten swine. That's unforgiveably rude.

    As to cake, my favourite is a gooseberry and elderflower Victoria sandwich - and I have the recipe here:

  11. sorry things have been 'pants' today... enjoy your cake...rhubarb and orange sounds lovely.
    i like chocolate cake and use a recipe from the bero flour pamplet that my mother in law bought me some years ago.

  12. Sorry the car is still poorly and sorry to hear about the bad treatment from so called friends. My favourite cake is carrot cake, the recipe is from an old vegetarian cookbook by Sarah Brown.

  13. oh dear, what a rotten day!

    My favourite cake is Tessa Kiros's carrot cake. Can't have enough at the moment. (From Falling cloudberries.)


  14. Sounds like you have every right to be grumpy. My favourite cakes are too many to list, so here are my top 3: Cherry cheese cake, Carrot cake (Pioneer Woman Cooks recipe) and a good old fashioned Victoria sponge with jam and cream!

  15. Oh, I am just sooo sorry to hear all this! Unbelievable about the car after all this time and that shop so unthinking!!! Maybe, just maybe the note they wrote the note but forgot to put it in!
    In any case I am glad you are investing in some self-care with cake and tea! 300 posts too - that is a milestone.
    My favourite cake is probably marble cake but as I am here in Wales I don't have access to the recipe but I'll send it over next week! Hope the weekend brings you joy!

  16. That's awful - what a grim thing to have happened. I hope you have a nice glass of wine right about now. You deserve it.

    My favourite cake? A good tangy lemon drizzle, lemon curd on top, popped in tnhe microwave so curd melts, dollop of creme fraiche on top. Oh yes. Although to e honest I've had Val's elderflower and gooseberry creation and it's outstanding. It's s tough contest.

  17. What a rotten day - hope things are soon looking up
    In times of crisis I cook Betty Crocker Brownies - it may be cheating buying the box but they are soooo good, especially if you can find the Hersheys varieties (Let me know if you need more details or an address for box sending!)
    Chris x

  18. P.S. I was so incensed about mean people that I forgot to congratulate you on your 300th post!!

    Keep on truckin'... xoxo

    (Word verif: ovedros. As in, you're getting an overdose of comments from me...)

  19. Oh I'm so sorry. What rotters.

    In much happier news, congratulations on your 300th post! Wow!

    My favorite cake is the Lemon Drizzle Traybake from Mary Berry's Simple Cakes and reprinted in her Baking Bible.

    K x

  20. Oh, what a nasty box to get! Perhaps they're having a bad day too? (tries to make things better)

    THIS is the cake of dreams. I have been told too many times.

    Congrats on 300. We all love ya.

  21. [Ok so I left a comment saying all about different cakes and stuff and then blogger lost it :( time to try again]

    Favourite cakes in our household are dependent on who is doing the eating. For the lovely boy, its normally Boston Cream Pie (which is majorly labour intensive but apparently worth it). I'm a massive fan of lemon drizzle cake, it is one of those standard recipes that you just can't get wrong. For both of these my go-to is Nigella Lawson's How to be a domestic goddess. You also can't go wrong with chocolate cake, and the best I've found is the one in the Hummingbird Bakery book as its not too sweet but really light; and their Red Velvet Cake is pretty scrumptious too!

    I hope the cake makes everything better

  22. Sorry to hear about the car and the returned merchandise. Very not nice!
    I love cake of any sort. Yesterday I made a chocolate sheet cake (Texas Sheet Cake is what we call it)--went to a meeting, came home to find 3/4 of it gone! It was really good the family said. I guess I can't complain, they saved me a piece! Otherwise I usually make chocolate pound cake by my great grandmother's recipe--yummy!

  23. I hope your car will get fixed soon. One of my friend's brothers back in Australia was a very good mechanic -> it was impressive how fast the car could be fixed with his help.

    You have some spare tea cosies? Can I buy one-two off you for my sister-in-law? She has two teapots, but only one teacosy, so when she has guests over she always have to make a choice about what type of tea to keep hot longer and it can get a bit political :-D.

    I love anything with the rhubarb. My favourite at the moment is Zucchini Chocolate Cake (, because it was very easy to make and turned out delicious.

  24. Sorry about the car and the return of your things :( Cake is most definitely the best medicine! I love bara brith with a cup of tea - recipe here:
    Delicious, and practically health food with all that dried fruit! Definitely to be served thinly sliced and buttered and not with cheese though!

  25. Happy 300! I am sure that I have read every single one of those 300 posts and I am so glad that you are here.
    My favourite cake is my mother's fruit cake - especially if it comes out of a picnic basket at the beach.

  26. ooooo, their loss Tess, the so and so's....
    As for cake I'm really not fussy but if i had to choose it would be just a plain chocolate ..

  27. I can understand the hurt from the shop event-as I would take this very personally too-but it's just very bad manners!
    Nigella cappuccino cakes are called for in a moment like this!

  28. Oh you poor thing. Car trouble and rude shop people are two of my least favourite happenings.

    I like all cake so it's hard to pick a favourite but I did make ever popular version of Nigella's chocolate brownies (substituting the nuts for chopped up Dairy Milk) yesterday to bring into work to help persuade people to sponsor me for a run I'm doing.So far they have been very well received.

    The recipe is in 'Domestic Goddess' and it makes absolutley loads.

    Hope this week is much, much better than the last one.

  29. That's just rude. Don't let it get to you, it says far more about them than it does you. Why do we seem to be losing basic manners in our society?

    Now, congrats on your 300th post!! My fav cake of the moment isn't technically a cake but it's got the word cake in the title. The recipe is called Fridge Cake and is from the Hummingbird Bakery book. Very quick and easy, just involves chunks of digestive biscuits, cocoa powder, butter, golden syrup and raisins, you get the picture! Very easy, comforting, delicious and unbelievable bad for you!! I have put on half a stone since I discovered it. Blee!!!

  30. I'm new to your blog (so don't enter me in the giveaway) but laughed out loud at the reference to too many craft and cook books - me too. My favourite cake - lemon & poppyseed. yummy.

  31. what bad manners to return your stuff with no explanation or anything!
    ps i'm off to investigate your rhubarb - i love anything with rhubarb in it!

  32. what a pain, the car, the shop .. who needs it.
    so cakes ... ah now, I have been making lots of rhubarb and banana crumble .. served with vanilla ice cream, perfect but is that a cake, no well then it would have to be a very lemony, lemon drizzle cake with a cuppa.
    Happy 300th .. heres to much more x


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