Friday, 24 June 2011

Arts Festival

the stall is all set for the Alnmouth Arts Festival,

tonight was the preview evening, and I am now enjoying a much needed cup of tea.

tomorrow I am going to wear much comfier shoes......

my friend sheshe-lala brought her gorgeous bags, and we had loads of fun setting it up. you can't see the gorgeous ladder turned into amazing display unit as we've laden it with bags, but it's under there, and you'll have to take my word for it, it's great. I can tell we're going to have a fun weekend, we've already met some lovely people, and in a magical moment of blog world meets real world I met Primrose Patch who came up to introduce herself, it was lovely to meet you!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I'm looking forward to Monday, there are hundreds of items in my google reader and I'm planning on spending a whole day with tea and cake and a laptop and catching up with you all. till then......


  1. Good luck. I hope it goes wonderfully well!

  2. good luck!! the stall looks great.

  3. It is looking fabulous, hun. All your hard work has paid off. Just hope you've remembered the comfortable shoes... Am looking forward to hearing how it all went. Ax

  4. Best wishes for a fabulous Festival! Looks super!

    K x

  5. Hope it's all going brilliantly!

  6. Looks very inviting - here's hoping it all goes swimmingly!

  7. Your stall looked wonderful, I really hope you had a great weekend at the Arts Festival.
    Thank you for your comments on my post. Lots of people seemed more excited at seeing Alan Shearer than the Queen.. so funny! Tell Pam she did a splendid job of goodie bag packing :)

  8. It was so nice meeting you at the festival Tess. Your stall was wonderful, full of lovely textile goodies. Just my sort of stuff. I hope it went well and you sold lots. x


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