Thursday, 2 June 2011

may hunting

tigger, a fave cartoon friend, a butterfly,
something blue - in wool you can make the sea blue, often it's grey!
a bike - courtesy of mollie makes - oh so pretty!

interesting local building - the treehouse, a street light - useful for holding up an igloo
red door, I've used this picture before(cheating....), emergency vehicle, lego to the rescue!

zodiac sign, I couldn't find any twins, vintage wallpaper at Belsay Hall,
texture, a feather boa, black and white portrait, baby eyes.


  1. You have got some beauties there- and you managed to get all twelve. Swot. Ax

  2. You got them all, well done! It was a bit of a tricky list, I'm glad June's is a bit easier!

    I didn't manage to find a real butterfly last month but I've seen lots in the last few days!

    A nice selection of photos you have svavenged!

  3. Snap - I did Libra too ;)

    Great pics - what a great use of a lamp post !

  4. I love your selection of photos, especially the baby.
    Anne xx

  5. HA - those eggs have a way of finding their way into LOTS of photos, now don't they! xoxo


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