Wednesday, 22 June 2011

birthdays and bunting

June is a busy birthday month, first there was J. I have a huge confession to make. in fact this accounts in part ( ok a lot) for my prolonged abscence. I am embarrassed to admit it, but honesty is important amongst friends.
I bought his cake

I am still waiting for the ground to open and swallow me up.
But in my defence I bought it from M&S, and if that's good enough for the Calendar Girls then it's good enough for me.

Next it was my birthday and I got some gorgeous gifts from kind friends and no photographic evidence... I had two cakes, both homemade, (one by an aunt who bought a gluten free mix and made it for me, I was truly delighted.) There are no photos of the cake either, but I have a few extra pounds of weight to prove they are eaten.....

Tomorrow is my mum's 80th. They have just got back from 2 weeks in Boston, I am hugely envious of their travels, and their energy. I was tired just navigating the airport carpark when I went to collect them.... She is having a party next weekend, I will try very hard to photograph That cake....

Amongst the birthdaying, I have been readying for the Arts Festival, it starts on Friday. I currently making labels, I'm not really on the laptop writing to you at all. Or at least I should be but... In fact I should be doing at least 8 things right this minute, and my head is spinning with all of them, so it is a bonus that I got sent a review parcel of some new vitamins - B record Plus, to bring me energy. I will write it up properly when I've finished the 10day course, but so far so good.

I shall be back soon with photos of the Arts Festival, tales of a wonderful display unit a friend and I made, but right now I have to dash, there is bunting everywhere, which I need to photograph, oh how I love bunting - there's something special going on, the Queen is coming to town, and I'm off to wave! xxx


  1. Belated happy birthday to you - June is chock-full of birthdays in our family too. Wonder whst was happening 9 months ago?

  2. Belated happy birthday to you and good luck with the arts festival - look forward to hearing all about it!

  3. Crikey it's all happening up north! Happy belated birthday to you, is that the reason the Queen is on her way and if so, I do hope her cake is homemade!

    Best of luck to you for the festival x

  4. Hope you manage to get to grips with it all and enjoy the festival. Cake is not energy food - it makes you go to sleep! ;)

  5. Hope you gave a good curtsey to Her Maj!

    Belated Happy Birthday, and huge good wishes for the weekend - I bet it goes brilliantly.

  6. I do love a bought cake. Did it have that plasticky icing on? I LOVE that.

  7. Happy birthday to you and yours. Good luck for the arts festival too. May there be lots more cake.

  8. Belated Happy Birthday and best wishes for the year.

    Are M&S cakes any good? Craving a cake, but don't really have time to make one.

    Good luck with the fair.

  9. Happy Day belated... and to your Mum too--WOW 80! Best wishing & fun for the art festival. Happy Summer Days :o) ((HUGS))

  10. Happy belated birthday! And I see nothing wrong with buying a cake. Don't be silly. Best wishes for a wonderful festival! K x


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