Thursday, 30 June 2011

June hunting

childhood memories - old books, cutlery - I love these tiny spoons
tree branches - baby crab apples, night - I've used this before but I love it.

beginning with z - zebra, wheel trim - lego
view from the door, cheese - a whole shop of it!

town name on the town crier, farm animal - harriet
elephant - in the fair trade shop, architectural detail - on a random wall.

I took most of these today with two helpers who were off school, it's much easier with helpers!


  1. You did well to get them all in a day! I took my last few pictures this week, one day I hope to be ready in advance!

    No one was on strike at my school so I didn't get a day off work, which is a shame!

  2. Great photos and tricky to get them done in a day. Loving the night shot.
    Anne xx

  3. Damn - why didn't I think using the wheel trim on some Lego. It's not like we don't have bucket-loads of the stuff!
    Love the Zebras and your night time lantern is so beautiful.

  4. I'm impressed that you found time to take the photos in June - sounded like you had super busy month.

  5. Beautiful. I almost used a lantern for my night picture- I lovelovelove them. Have a happy weekend, Ax

  6. Helpers would be nice! My poor husband got very fed up of me lining up the camera every time we drove past the lego sheep - even though it is a terrible pic I had to use it!

  7. Great pics. I was way behind this month too and did the last few Thursday evening.

    We didn't get a day off school either, none of our teachers were on strike.

    Just found your photos on Kath's blog and decided to follow you as you are from up home.

  8. VERY much enjoying these mosaicas of June moments from your corner of the world, Tess... :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  9. These are just lovely. I do like the spoons.

  10. Great scavenger hunt photos!

  11. Cool pictures - I love the chicken.

    Nina x


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