Wednesday, 10 July 2013

playing with kites and visiting wooly woods!

The National Trust have launched a new list of fifty things to do before you are 11 3/4  and many of the sites have activities on throughout the summer to help you fulfil some of the challenges on the list. We visited Sizergh Castle, where there was pond dipping and bug box building, den building and kite and badge making.
 Although this year both my children are older than this I firmly believe you are never too old to play with sticks and mud and kites.
As demonstrated by two parents both over 11 3/4  making a kite which they then played with very happily whilst the children waited to go and eat cake..........
 and whilst this post isn't an advert for the National Trust I must recommend a trip to Acorn Bank 
which is currently home to the most amazing wool art installation.


there are patterns to download so you can create your own wooly woods, or contribute to this one.

There were oh so many wonderful creatures and flowers,

 my children teased me that I had taken 6 million photos.

They were exaggerating, it was only 5 million.............

I couldn't decide which to post, I could choose them all.....

or even decide upon a favourite.

I may have to go back and take some more photographs just in case I missed anything.

then I'll decide which I like best!


  1. Oh Wow! I love that art installation - it truly is amazing.
    Plus, I think I may have to renew our National Trust membership - I miss visiting all those wonderful places.

  2. Ooh, now that reminds me of some crocheted fungi I made once.

  3. wow, these look so good, I might have a trip there as it's so near to home:)

    1. oh you must if you can manage it, and whilst you're there the tearoom does a lovely afternoon tea x

  4. Oh how fun! Who dreams this stuff up -- so very clever! I think I love the three owls the best!

  5. That wool art is amazing, I can understand totally why you need to go back! If I lived closer I'd have to visit too. Glad you enjoyed playing with the kite, I remember making one with my grandpa as a very little girl :-)

  6. I love the blue tits! We have out grown nt but will return when the kids are off doing their thing and tree discover all our favorites as adults!

  7. I love the blue tits! We have out grown nt but will return when the kids are off doing their thing and tree discover all our favorites as adults!

  8. I wanted to do the den building at Sizergh! The knitted birds are wonderful - of course in this house we like the owls best!

  9. Acorn Bank would completely captivate me. I'm so glad I stopped by here and discovered these delightful photos. I love the name of your blog.

  10. Oh, wow... just LOVE all the nature-related makes, Tess! Such fun... those knitted birds are especially sweet. I think these are all things we all need to do, what ever age and 3/4 we are. ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS)) P.S. Now sharing/posting from my new blog:

  11. This is excellent! I would have taken 10 million photos and my husband would have huffed and puffed and sat in a corner with his iphone for company! I also think i might be more excited by childrens activities than children themselves, making a kite sounds amazing. - Annie

  12. Gosh, I'd forgotten the wool art installation, I keep meaning to visit it.

    Kites are just THE BEST things ever, especially for grown ups 'cos ours are bigger ;)

  13. This is SOOO cool! I think the mushrooms on the tree trunk are my favourite, or maybe the beehive, they look amazing! Who thinks of this stuff? I just love it :)

  14. I saw that list and have an 11 and a half year old so better get working on it this summer! Fab makes x

  15. I just love those woolly creatures, what a brilliant idea!


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