Friday 6 September 2013

autumn gold

I met up with Ali last week and we wandered the gardens of Cragside admiring the wealth of autumn flowers and colour.

And I knew my garden which was so gloriously bright a few weeks ago had barely a hint of colour in it.

Until I looked closely and then I found there was colour after all, 
but only one, a yellow gold colour the warmth of which mirrored the late summer sun.

Yellow courgettes, and their flowers, ripening pumpkins.

Unexpected sunflowers which grew from spilt birdseed, 

bright golden fennel flowers from a plant I chose for it's foliage,

seed heads bright against the sky.

Sunshine glinting on grasses

Golden rays bursting through the pinks and purples of an early morning sunrise.

There is colour everywhere, I just need to remember to look harder.


  1. Yellow in all its shades is just the most cheery colour. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  2. Happyhappyhappy. Keep your eyes peeled Missus x

  3. SERIOUS SUPER-GORGEOUS photos, Tess...LOVELY, and thank you! :o) ((HUGS))

  4. Ever thought of writing Haiku poetry? You have a way with words T. I feel ashamed that all I saw outside this morning was grey! J x

  5. The predominant colour in my garden just now is brown - fried grass and other dead stuff. Not quite Cragside..... It was a wonderful treat to spend some time with you!

  6. It always strikes me that the most prevalent autumn colours suggest nature has been bottling sun all summer to release as a last hurrah!


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