Friday 27 September 2013

Friday random

How did it get to be Friday again already? I feel like I may have fallen into a time vortex.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post.

You have discovered my secret - it is all a great big excuse for wearing fancy dress, and eating cake.
Especially the eating cake. I love food far too much to reduce my intake of it......

Exercise is the only way I can allow myself plentiful cake.
But I must clear up some confusion. There is Very Little Running.
And a lot of very fast walking.
And a lot of cake.

I made 12 jars of bramble jam this week. It was lined up on the table.
Youngest child making himself a sandwich complained that he couldn't find any jam......
I clearly have invented invisible jam. Do you think it will catch on?
Yarnbombing at Saltburn by Sea.


  1. Ooo, I love Saltburn. And yarnbombed Saltburn is even more appealing. I need to do more of the fast walking to cancel out cake eating. Thank you for Friday randomness. Have a happy weekend, Ax

  2. Love the yarnbombing but find the thought of invisible jam a bit scary - what if you can't find it again? Especially when it's homemade bramble jam!

  3. Well done on the walk - love the costume! That cake was well-deserved. x

  4. Does invisible jam taste different?


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