Friday, 13 September 2013

preparations for the great north wet and windy

2 days to go till my next walking adventure.  A friend referred to it as extreme walking recently. Which makes me think of extreme ironing - on cliff tops or mountain sides.......
This event is safer, but probably just as crazy actually.

I have a different walking partner this time, I've swapped my moonwalk buddy for J, he doesn't look good in a mermaid outfit so he's got a nice sensible Yorkshire Cancer Research t-shirt instead.

Race numbers attached and ready to go, now I just have to get the weather sorted.
 There's a storm forecast.
Oh joy.

Miss K, E and a friend are meeting us at the finish line. I am packing supplies to keep them happy whilst they wait in the wind and rain. I hope they don't eat it all though....
The cat brought me a contribution to the picnic,
and left it in my bedroom for me to find.
Mouse pie isn't my favourite so I put it out in the garden, but I haven't told the cat, I don't want him to think I wasn't grateful for my gift........

and talking of gifts I need to make more hexagons, they're destined to be a present, and I need it finished by the end of the weekend.
Do you have any nice weekend plans? Have fun whatever you're doing.  If you're short of something to do on Sunday morning you could sit down somewhere warm and dry with a nice cup of tea and watch out for me on BBC1. I'll be amongst the other 56,000 crazy people getting wet and freezing cold in the wild wet weather in Newcastle.......


  1. Ohh good luck with your walking adventure x


  2. So exciting... Mouse included...LOL! LOVELY your crocheted hexies! I'm just getting the hang of hexies in fabric for...crochet is next. ;o) Summer seemed to end seemed to end abruptly here the past weekend--temps dropped way down, and the rains have begun! Happy Days as you walk, and more...Good luck! ((HUGS)) P.S. I’m needing to take an extended digital sabbatical due to health reasons. But I hope to be around when I can. :o)

  3. I was too late here to wish you 'good luck' but I hope it went really well and that you are having a good rest now!

  4. Like Ali I'm too late to wish you luck so can only add my wish that it went well and you're blister free and resting x


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