Tuesday 27 May 2008

half term plans

where does the time go?
Saturday was spent shopping, for wedding outfits for J's sisters wedding in September.
J had the task of helping the groom, who didn't want a suit, to choose a suitable outfit, with E and Miss K in tow, and I got to go with his sister to look at wedding dresses. Neither of us could decide who had the worst deal, but as they took 2 hours at a outlet with all the shops under one roof, and sticker books to entertain the youngest members of the shopping spree, and sister in law and I trailed for 6 hours across town (why are dress shops positioned as far apart as is physically possible?), my sore feet will tell you I got the worst deal.
We did however have success and ended up with something that fitted, (well nearly, alterations to come), in the sale - therefore in the budget, and didn't require 6 months ordering time - which we don't have.
some of the dresses were like this

some were like this

but in the end we found something, and the transformation from tired shopper to fairytale princess was astonishing.

In one of the shops I amused myself by trying on the bridesmaids dresses, I already have a dress but I was quite taken by a dark red full length skirt, and a fitted bodice, and now have the desire to try and make myself a replica of the top, - although it wouldn't really be suitable for doing the school run, or the supermarket shopping in.....

Sunday we thought let's have a quiet afternoon, and invited some friends to join us for a play at Lotherton Hall, which has a lovely bird garden and a playground, and some nice gardens for walking, and ball games, and kite flying. All was lovely, until their 5 year old decided she'd had enough of looking at the birds, and took herself all the way back to play on the slides, but without telling anyone......... After 20 minutes, when we'd had all the ground staff, and quite a few other visitors looking for her, and we were just about to ring the police, she was found queueing for the zip slide, oblivious to the panic she had caused.

Yesterday we managed a walk to feed the ducks and that was quite enough excitement for anyone, Miss K and E have just learnt to play chess, and I think that rest of the half term will be spent lying on the living room floor debating the movements of the "prawns"


  1. So lovely your dress shopping and gazin! I think I like the diaphanous cloud-like number rahter than the meringue--LOL! That garden you went too is amazing--fun day all around! ((HUGS))

  2. I just love dress shopping - I love the merinques that make you giggle and the ones that make you cry and the moment you get home and get to eat cookies and talk about all the dresses you have seen .... sigh .... smile x

  3. Sounds like the waether was a lot better for you than it was here. Dress shopping always sounds heavenly but the reality is for me sore feet!

  4. I had a simple empire line dress but I still had great fun trying on all the meringues! theres nothing like it for that perfect cinderella feeling- its quite addictive-wasnt there an episode of friends where she did the washing up in her wedding dress?

  5. Thanks Tess , yeah I am quite pleased with it. I can't imagine how tired you must have felt but at least you don't have to do it again. You must have been terrified when she went missing! Only a few holiday days left -
    Lisa x

  6. I can't wait for my sister to get married (not on the cards as yet) as I can't wait to go dress shopping again. Enjoy the rest of the holiday.
    Cathy X

  7. I'm sure your future SIL appreciated having you along..but I couldn't imagine it, bought my own dress off a rack, not a wedding dress..never liked wearing dresses or heels (too tall). The birds & gardens sound lovely..but not the trauma of a lost child! Poor mum.. hope your nice weather continues :) Gx

  8. At the grand old age of 30 (eek!) I really should learn how to play chess, it's just not good enough! My grandad is quite the expert, I shall have to do some grovelling!
    I love your photos, glad the bride to be didn't end up with a meringue dress (always reminds me of 4 Weddings-'Scarlet you're blind. She looks like an enormous meringue')
    Definitely think you should make the basque and wear for the school run. You'll be the talk of the playground!xxx

  9. Prawns - ha! I'm glad you found the little one (duh, obviously) - we've been feeling like putting them on strings since everywhere we've visited has been so crowded this week, even with the rotten weather here.

    It's good you had a lovely dress shopping experience; I must admit I found that whole experience demoralising and horrendous, until I went online, found the dress I wanted and had the local shop order it ;-)

  10. Ever since No2 learnt to play chess, I have been regularly beaten. I'm not very stratigically-minded!
    Loved the meringue and cloud photos!

  11. Hi can you send me your address for me to send you some fabric from the giveaway? many thanks Zia


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