Thursday, 8 May 2008

not much sewing going on

I'm beginning to get withdrawal symptoms for my sewing machine, with the weekend away, and lots of other stuff going on I feel like I haven't sewn anything for weeks, it's not that long really but it feels a lifetime.

the only thing I got done last week was some quilting samples for the wallhanging I'm making, and after lots of attempts, I'm finally getting some control over the tension on the back......... not prefect, but much better.

all the rest of my time seems to have been spent doing HOURS of decluttering, so we can get the house valued. Yesterday a friend came round to help me "house doctor" she was a real slave driver, but the results are impressive, I have a HUGE pile of stuff to go to a car boot sale on Sunday (with same friend - she's making me go, I'm scared of car boot sales!) three VERY tidy bedrooms, and a sparkly bathroom. I just wish she was coming today to do downstairs, because I'm much more tempted by the garden today.........

she wanted to take before and after photos, but I was too ashamed, especially of Miss K's room, why do 9 year old girls have to keep every little bit of string/ribbon/paper/plastic fish/old crayon that ever existed, and store them in endless little boxes that they squirrel away as if they are precious treasures? lots of stuff has gone in the loft too, I hope the ceiling doesn't fall through....

Miss K has gone off on her school trip, the house is very strange without her, another friend lent us a DVD of ratatouille for E to watch last night in case he missed her, which was very sweet. I'm glad the weather is nice for her, but I bet she still gets really muddy!


  1. I really need your friend here at ChezMagpie - do you think she is interested in a new career? Chief culprit : MissM and her sparkly stuff...sigh...

  2. I have to admit that all the mess in our house is all my fault! It's all the crafting stuff....... stuff........ stuff............. Though I am at heart a very neat and tidy person, note the 'at heart'...........

  3. Can you send your friend over here too please? My 5 year old girl's obsession with bits of paper, beads and hairclips is threatening to take over.

    I thought she'd be better by the time she was 9, but maybe not?!

  4. the homely yearMay 08, 2008 9:17 pm

    I've got loads of sewing I want to do, but I'm torn because I want to garden and we're also decorating. Sounds like you've been really busy...I think having a friend there to help and advise is a very good idea.

  5. Oh I don't envy you one bit, its agony de-cluttering and never seems to end in my expereince. Still it WILL all look great and you'll feel glad you did it. Looks like my 4 year old is really a 9 year old girl at heart. I've just spent the last half hour before bed with him going through his "precious things bag" that just had to be "sorted out mummy" and included three fluffy easter chicks, one broken pencil, a pile of twigs wrapped in masking tape and something I couldn't identity! Joy?!
    Hope you find some solace at the sewing machine soon,

  6. I keep sneaking into little person rooms and sneakily getting rid of some of that stuff - they haven;t noticed yet ...

  7. Ha ha, I'm glad it's not just my daughter!! What a bad time to be spring cleaning, when the weather's been so good, who know, this week might have been our summer!

  8. Decluttering is very good for you but probably not when you have to do it so of luck with it 9yo is exactly the same, even a bigger hoarder than me, I only wish she would keep it in boxes, not on the floor, in her bed, in her clothes drawers and in the pockets of everything she puts in the wash!! Gx
    p.s your wallhanging is looking lovely - very nice combination :O)

  9. I'm a big declutterer myself and thankfully boys don't seem to hoard stuff like girls do (oops, just remembered the bowl of spent shotgun cartridges found while walking the fields! Boys have an awful thing about guns...)
    I'm having sewing withdrawal too but my garden is all the better for it...

  10. oooh - is it going to be a seaside scene?

  11. I hope you get it all sorted in time, I don't envy you one little bit.. doesn't the wisteria just look lovely.
    Lisa x

  12. That grouping of fabric is very nice! Looks great to me!


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