Monday 5 May 2008

more flowers - it must be spring!

it was so lovely to see some sun I went a bit mad pottering around the garden looking for things to photograph.

and then I loaded them all to flickr so I could play with all the photo manipulation stuff at bighugelabs. When staying at the grandparents it's always important to look like you are doing something essential on the computer, and then you can avoid the washing up........
I just love all these flowers, I can't decide which I like best today,

maybe best of all the mint is growing again, which means soon there'll be Pimm's

and I've reloaded the lilac photos from the last post, so you can see them now! more fun with photos......


  1. The violet has got to be my favourite.
    And my mint is all sprouting too!

  2. I've discovered rampant mint in our new garden but I love the scent so much I find it really hard to pull up even though I need the space!
    I love your floral pics, what a great idea.

  3. Clever you! Lovely photos - I can't seem to master those mosaics despite several attempts! Love the smell of lilacs.

  4. LOVELY! These are beautiful photos...Love seeing all the springtime happening everytwhere! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  5. Ha! Love the tip for getting out of washing up. I usually absent myself to "put the children to bed". We havetons of mint too - Pimms, yum!

  6. My, you have been having fun with photos. Beautiful! You just gotta love spring!!!

  7. What a beautiful collage! I'm sure they all smell heavenly. :)

  8. Beautiful flowers and yummy pimms and lemonade, cheers!

    Catherine x

  9. I might just have to investigate flikr, I keep putting it off though because I already spend too long on the computer and unfortunately it doen't get me out of the washing up!

  10. You have some beautiful flowers in your garden! Definitely Pimms weather too!

  11. Oh look at all your beautiful flowers.
    I love spring time, especially in England. So pretty (if a little chilly).
    I'm in Melbourne and all our leaves are turning brown, the skies are grey and the wind is blowing. I'm not a wintery person unfortunately.


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