Sunday, 4 May 2008


lilacs remind me of my gran, she had a lovely rambling lilac in her front garden.

when we lived near Boston we always had to go to the Arboretum each year to see the lilacs, they have a fantastic collection, and it's such a beautiful place.

we have one in our garden, it didn't flower for years after we planted it, and now we're thinking of moving...

I guess I'll just have to enjoy choosing which variety to plant next time, or maybe two, or three......


  1. I love lilacs, they remind me of my mum, and the smell is just gorgeous.

    Congrats on the sewmamasew prize - wow!!! You clever thing you, that's brilliant. (and the rainbow quilt is gorgeous)

  2. I adore lilacs. In the last place we lived, the people next door had a beautiful lilac; the smell was so pungent and heady in early summer.

  3. I'll come back to look at the pics - where are you thinking of moving to?
    Lisa x

  4. We have two wonderful lilacs that sit on our front lawn in front of the house ... yummy!

  5. I adore lilacs too. Reminds me of home. I can see and smell them sitting here reading about them!

  6. I love these photos - how clever you are. I especially love the last one which reminds me of kaleidoscopes.

  7. Such beautiful blooms..I've had little success with mine..asked MIL recently what her secret was - she puts a whole bag of lime around plant every year! So hopefully will see better results this time..Good luck with your decision/planning :O) Gx


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