Monday 19 May 2008

practising quilting

I decided to use the practise rainbow quilt to do some practise quilting, before I attempt to quilt the rainbow quilt. I'm really pleased with it, for the first time I seem to have control of the tension on the back!
now I just wished that I'd pressed the coloured seams inwards, and trimmed of all the loose threads - which on close inspection show through

which is why we practise things!


  1. The quilt is great - practice makes perfect so they say! - Natalie x

  2. Really is shaping up beautifully! Oh, and you have a LOT of stuff crammed into your wallet! ;o) Happy week to you ((HUGS))

  3. Wow, that looks really good - did you just do a random pattern?
    Lisa x

  4. looks great-- I just did a red and white quilt and I did pay close attention to pressing seams and trimming threads and still found myself digging out loose DARK RAD threads!! argh.

  5. I zoomed in and had a closer look and it is really lovely. I guess it is machine quilting? Did you follow a pattern or just go with the flow? And do you have a special quilting arm for your machine. Oops too many questions!



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