Wednesday 6 October 2010

the school run

I drove the children to school today.

not so unusual for many people, but a real rarity for us.

usually we don't have a choice, the car being in use... and I actually approve of walking to school, it's not that far, 15 minutes, less if we hurry! and the walking time allows us to chat, to connect, to dicuss what's going to or has happened.
breakfast times are rushed and getting out of the house can be a trying time, but once the door is shut, we set off then we leave the crossness behind somehow, and the totter down the hill is a time to regain some sense of perspective. equally the walk home is often my only chance to find out what has happened in the day, once the children get in the house all thoughts turn to snacks/tv/homework/friends/what's for dinner? so if I miss my chance then I never learn that Miss T the maths teacher lost 3 of her stick insects, or that Mr B got the most chips at lunch, or who won at chess. it's a precious time.

but this morning it was raining. REALLY raining. and both children looked out of the window at the rain, and the car. "please please please can we go in the car?"

and I caved in.

it was AWFUL. everyone else in the world was driving to school, plus chool buses, and the local buses, and the bin men.

and we didn't chat at all..........

I'm glad it's stopped raining because I'm walking to collect them. and tomorrow if (when) it rains I shall be wearing my wellies and jumping in puddles. x


  1. Wellies and puddle jumping - yum. My favourite kind of sport.

    I've only driven the once when it rained and it took us three times as long - I could of walked there and back twice! Never again - bring on the elements.

    Nina xxx

  2. Totally agree. Even when it's really cats and dogs it's far easier and somehow less wet(?) to walk. And I love wearing my wellies. Any excuse. Ax

  3. We always walked when the boys were little (no choice, I don't drive) and I loved that time just chatting about their day and stuff.

    When they moved to senior school it wasn't the same - I was no longer needed to walk them and I miss our chats.

  4. Our walk is far too short to justify a car ride unless, as today, one of them is already off sick and the other is being sent home ill; or we're on our way somewhere else. And besides, you're right, the walk is often the best part of the day!

  5. snap - we did exactly the same today but I think that was because I'm still not 100% well and didn't want to get soaked through. Our school is having a walk to school month because , and this is the truth , there are families who drive to school and their house is on the same street -- I kid you not . You can stand at the school gate , watch the kids getting in the car , the car pulls up to the gates , the kids jump out and the parents drive back home !!

  6. Jumping in puddles is actually one of my most favourite games ever :)

  7. I loved this post -it took me back to when I used to walk my daughters to school! Like you, I found it was a relaxing thing to do before and after school, chatting in the fresh air - though sometimes we (I!)had rather a lot to carry! And the traffic and congestion of school time is something I try to avoid even now, in the car. Hope the rain keeps off for you!
    Helen x

  8. We never walked to school cos it was too far, but we do go for lots of walks and I agree that walking and talking go together very naturally.

  9. Would love to know whether you got your puddle jumping wish today. We have to drive because it's just too far but with my second drop-off we always park away from the school and walk that extra bit. Makes all the difference.

    Congrats on your award. xx

  10. honstWe don't have a school run - there's a school bus. We're in a backwater, you see. Not much here except rabbits.

  11. oh yes, I'd love to be able to walk to school but for us isn't an opion, way too far....

    but I've had to ban nintendos and toys and we CHAT. Or we do times tables... ehm ehm


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