Wednesday, 12 March 2008

5 a day

fruit anyone?

so far no-one else is ill, and E is much better (thanks for all the well wishes)

maybe the enormous fruit bowl challenge is working.

every week we try to fill it with lots of delicious things, and by the end of the week it has to be empty.


  1. Glad to hear E is better, what a good idea, we might have to try that challenge, i'm the worst in our house for not eating enough fruit.

  2. I like the pineapple coyly hiding behind the bananas:

    "don't eat me! don't eat me!"

  3. great idea - my lot love fruit too....but I'm rubbish at eating it!

  4. I wish my fruit bowl was as impressive - mine has a vile looking orange, 2 wrinkly apples and 1 not-so-wrinkly apple...time to compost or treat the chickens methinks!
    Strangely, we only eat fruit if it's kept in the fridge, almost as though we like to forage for it!!

  5. Ooh, looks v.tasty indeed! I may go and buy an apple now, you have inspired me to be healthy this afternoon (when secretly I could eat a chocolate dipped flapjack..)x

  6. That fruit bowl looks delish! - Glad to hear E is recovering from the cold - I have the tail end of one which i seem to have had for about 3 weeks
    Natalie x

  7. I have trained my children to set me a good example - which is why the fruit gets forgotten when they are not here.

  8. Yes please!
    We are all fruit crazy in our house!
    Glad E is feeling better, I'm down the 'bear's cold now, so better dose up on some oranges! :O)


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