Friday, 7 March 2008


I got this lovely award from Gina of Gingerbread and to say thankyou for all the lovely comments on my last rather self pitying post I'm passing it on to everyone who commented. Thanks to all of you - this is for you.

pass it on to someone who makes your day. Thanks Gina - it made my day!

I took your advice and had fun with my new fabric, and here's a little peek at a work in progress,
(soon to be available in my etsy shop) (well soonish - I've get to understand how to "put" things in my shop!) and I'm feeling much less sorry for myself, the restorative powers of chocolate and fabric have provided comfort and a bit of perspective.

it's a tea cosy by the way......

hope you all have a lovely weekend, we'll be watching the Calcutta cup.


  1. I bet your teacosy will look beautiful! I am glad you are feeling a little bit better.
    Take care.

  2. Love the strawberries- very summery..not long to go now! Have a lovely weekend.x

  3. Cute tea cosy and coasters! Glad you're feeling cheerier. Enjoy filling your etsy shop - I am hooked!

  4. Hi there - The tea cosy looks lovely - I like strawberries - my mums kitchen used to have wallpaper with big strawberries all over it. - Sorry about the disappointment with the job - I have had experiences like that - something better for you will come up - natalie x

  5. These look great Tess! I've never owned a tea cosy, I'm not a very sophisticated person, but this one looks super cute.

  6. The Tea cosy is going to be great, as lovely as the tractor one I'm sure if not lovlier.
    Congrats on the award and sorry about the teaching assistant post, doesn't make sense does it but I guess some things just aren't ment to be.

  7. LOVE the strawberry tea cosy, Tess! So glad you are feeling better. Hope you're finding time to relax and enjoy this weekend ((HUGS))

  8. Yumkmy teacosy - and jusy right for tea in the garden with strawberry shortcake and cream, mmmm. We were able to sit out the other day - the promise of things to come!

  9. Love your cute strawberry tea cosy and I was sorry to hear about the job :O(, hope your therapy did the trick and you're having a lovely weekend! :O)

  10. What a gorgeous teacosy, it looks like you've been enjoying yourself! By the way, I don't think your post seemed at all like you were feeling sorry for yourself! Congrats on the award

  11. I love those strawberry decorations!

    Thanks for your comments. The baking was all from Domestic Goddess as my KitchenAid obsession continues. Snickerdoodles and Rosemary Loaf cake - do try them if you've got the book as they were both delicious :o)


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