Wednesday 19 March 2008

catching up and eggs

Miss K's class had an Easter egg decorating competition yesterday.

this egglephant was my entry. sadly he didn't win, but I think he is very cute, and he is sitting next to me as I am typing.

Katie scooped a prize (a big chocolate egg) with her Rapunzeg. isn't she gorgeous. I'm thinking we'll have to substitute the real egg for a plastic one, so that we can keep her forever.

and now for some catching up. months ago I joined a quilt along, run by crazy mom quilts, and then I got VERY left behind, so far behind that all the other quilts are finished, quilted, bound, and probably on beds by now......... whereas I cut out the first few blocks, and then nothing, for weeks and weeks, but today I decided enough was enough, and got started. still a long way to go, but at least I've started, the first step is the hardest and all that jazz.

so here is one complete block,

and another,

some half square triangles ready to be sewn together,

some 4 patches,

and some 9 patches

don't look too closely at the joins of the seams please......

and now I've started I realise I need some more nice cream neutral background, so a trip to my favourite (well the one I can afford) quilt shop is required, Saturday maybe.......


  1. Oh goodness me, I love that egglephant!

    Well done on starting the quilt. I find that the more I do with a quilt, the more I want to do. The momentum grows along with the quilt.

  2. You egglephant is complete genius! I can't believe it didn't win. It has so much character and made me laugh when I saw him (in a good way, because he's so sweet and it's amazing the way you've morphed him together with the eggshell). x

  3. Both eggy creations are adorable! Very imaginative..
    Your quilt is looking I must get started with my PIFs! Gx

  4. Fab eggs, fab! We're having a little easter party next week and that would be a fun activity.

    I hear you with quilty procrastination - I have the fabric, I have sketched the layout, I even bought new blades for my rotary cutter, but can I make myself get on with it? Nope.

  5. I just adore your egglephant, he has such a doleful look. He should of won.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  6. I recognise this quilt the blue theme you've got going. Is it a gift or a keeper?

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    Your blog is lovely. I love the egg designs!
    The quilt is looking great too, can't wait to see the finished product!

  8. That Egglaphant is so cute.. lovely colours on the quilt, very peaceful. I wouldn't mind mowing a lawn, might be good exercise for the bingo wings :-0
    Lisa x

  9. Love the eggs - what a good idea!

    I've had to wait ages for my backing fabric for the quilt I'm making to arrive and so have gone completely off the boil with it, so I'm finding it hard too, to pick up again...

    Love the blue theme, where's it for?

  10. What a cute egglephant. Well done Katie with Rapunzeg. I love the blues in your quilt, it will look gorgeous when it's finished!

  11. Hello! Love the eggelephant, definitely a winner in my book! Gorgeous flowers in the post below too. I wish I could make patchwork quilts, yours look very good. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter

  12. gorgeous quilts, i love the colours. The egglephant is soooo cute.
    twiggy x

  13. Hi! I love your egglephant! What did you make him out of? (Besides an egg, of course).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Did you get a chance to make the brownies yet? Make sure to come back, cause I have a giveaway going on right now.

  14. oh my goodness, the elephant is adorable!!

  15. Such sweet things! Your elephant is suchc fun, and so is Rapunzel! Your patchwork squares are lovely--the fabric are charming. Wishing you & yours a wonderful Easter! ((HUGS))

  16. Very cute egg creations! Definitely should have won- you were robbed! I am most impressed at your quiltin skills too x


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