Monday, 10 March 2008

how do you spell...?

E - the youngest one in the family has been suffering from

as well as a


which makes him

and a little bit

but on a positive note we have learnt a new game this weekend .........

now I'm just hoping that no-one else gets ill.


  1. I hope your little one get well soon and that no one else gets the cold.
    Take care.x

  2. and what a great game it is of our favourites!
    It's my other half who has it at the moment ~ talk about a bear with a sore head! Hope E is feeling much better soon :O)

  3. Hope you'll be spelling on the mend soon! Hope the young ones will be well very taking good care yourself ((BIG HUGS))

  4. Oh, yuk - hope all feel well soon. My older baby came home yesterday snuffling and eye rubbing, but seems fine today so fingers crossed.

    I bet we could start doing simple scrabble now - there's a thought!

  5. Hope E gets better soon
    Lisa x

  6. Here's hoping he gets better soon!

  7. Oh dear. We had that a few weeks ago and the baby is still coughing :( Here's wishing you and yours health and a very speedy recovery!

  8. Good spelling!

    I hope E is back to playing Scrabble very soon :o)


  9. oh, I love scrabble. hope everyone is healthy again.


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