Monday, 17 March 2008


Periwinkle tagged me ages ago for an archive post, sorry it's taken so long....

I'm supposed to link to posts about family, friends, me, things I love, and anything else I like. I'm really not very good at this kind of thing........ It was hard to choose what to include, and strange to re-read all my ramblings, it brought back some funny memories, and a few I might have like to have forgotten, like when J electrocuted himself while trying to fix the oven - no lasting damage thankfully....

so first we have family and more family. a cake theme here.

then we have friends and a food theme here.

and something about me, well this was a day out I loved, oh and there's a food theme here

something I love - I love comments, and the fact that you all read my ramblings, this was the first post I got comments on. to say thanks here's a lovely cappucino for you, all the way from Rome. Thanks too for all my blog friendships, it's been great "meeting" you all, and I feel really special to be part of this blog community.

and a post about anything else well this was a great weekend away, friends, oh and food.

there seems to be a food thread running through all these posts, oh well, it's probably because I'm hungry....

I know I'm supposed to tag 5 people, but I've seen lots of people get tagged already, so how about if you haven't done this one yet then help yourself. I'm off in search of some dinner....

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  1. Hello! It's been great reading this post. some of these I remember and other I read for the first time. Thanks for sharing them again


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