Friday, 16 May 2008

contents of my wallet

I know that several people have done a "contents of my handbag" meme, but after this mornings fun I thought it might be relevant for me to assess the contents of my wallet, and once I'd got everything laid out it just begged to be photographed......

lots of cards stuffed in

to be precise:
3 bank cards, 4 library cards, 6 loyalty cards (one out of date), 2 prepayment cards (one out of date) 2 gift cards, 5 membership cards, 6 photos of E and Miss K when they were much younger, nothing less than 3 years old...., 5 1st class stamps, one drawing I was presented with by a little boy who I used to teach 10 years ago "so the bears don't get you", a piece of paper with the first time Miss K wrote her name (don't tell E that I don't have the same for him - he'll get 2nd child syndrome) 3 loyalty cards for coffee shops of the get 10 stamps and get a free coffee variety - 2 from the same shop... and £11.75 I knew I had, and a £20 note I found tucked in a tiny pocket with Miss K's signature.

all of which is very useful, except that of the 3 bank cards I only know the pin number of one of them, and that would be the one I used to before I did a huge supermarket shop, and then got to the till to discover I hadn't got my card...... and of course they don't take cheques any more..... I had to persuade the checkout lady to get the manager to over ride the machine, so I could use my other card and sign for it....

oh and then drive back to shop number 1, where of course the nice lady I'd been chatting to at the checkout had put my card for safe keeping in the till.

lesson for the day, maybe carry less stuff, and take care of it!


  1. You're as bad as I am! I remember stopping to fill up my car on the way home from work and realising after I'd fnished pumping that I had left my purse on my desk ... I had to sign a scary bit of paper and give them my watch as security before they'd let me go off to retrieve it. For a minute I thought they were going to suggest confiscating my child!!

  2. You found £20!! I'm lucky if I find a fiver in mine! I've got lots of out of date loyalty cards in my purse too.

  3. Well, guess what i did this week! Drove to local town and put car on carpark, came back to find flat tyre so got bus home. Then realised I'd left my door keys in the car, battery flat on my mobile...walked to friends house to ask for lift to get keys, not in, walked back to bus stop, caught bus back to town, got keys, waited an hour, got bus home! Huh!
    Margaret (and Noreen)

  4. Thanks, that makes me feel better!
    I did drive off with my wallet on the roof of my car once.. got home and had no idea where I'd lost it..luckily shop owner found it in the gutter outside shop and rang me :O) Gx

  5. oh yes. My wallet looks scarily similar.

    I've got 4 library cards though. Not 6. Why can't we all use the same one?


  6. Think you need a bigger purse, or even a one just for the cards chuckle. I found £10 in the pocket of my winter coat on Saturday which was nice
    Lisa x

  7. I love finding money!
    I recently had to buy one of those card wallets to relieve the bulging seams of my purse...


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