Tuesday, 27 January 2009

13 years

It's our 13th wedding anniversary today. J took a day off work, and we went into town for lunch, a lovely plan which was rather changed by school ringing to say Miss K was sick and would we go get her please................. at least we'd had time for a browse in a bookshop, and to purchase something lacy (well it's what you're supposed to buy for the 13th, and who am I to argue). Miss K turned out not to be that ill after all, so at least I don't have an ill child to attend to.....

I'm not known for showing photos of myself here, but as it's a special occasion....

we had great weather for wearing a knee length off the shoulder dress! but the snowflakes saved us from needing confetti!

I made sure I chose flowers big enough to hide behind when I didn't want my picture taken...

this is my mum and dad, we don't have any group photos of all the guests, for some reason they didn't want to leave the nice warm house, and go and play in the garden, although some of the smaller guests did build a fantastic snowman.

this was outside the hotel where we spent one night, the gardens just by the house were pristine snow, so the next morning we went further from the house, and had a massive snowball fight. I can't believe how short my skirt is, not exactly suitable for the activity, certainly wouldn't wear one like that now..........

I love the way the dark reds are so striking against the snow - of course I planned it that way.........
sorry the picture quality isn't great, I just took photos of the original photos as I couldn't get to a scanner, and the originals weren't that great because it kept snowing on the lens.......


  1. That is one big bouquet!! What beautiful reds.

  2. Oh memories are so special... wishing you both all the best for another 13 years

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Brrrrr! it looks cold though ... did you plan the snow too? Unusual for the UK weather gods to oblige so! But how lucky for you that they did. Though it's cold it makes everything look so pretty and as you say, contrasted beautifully with the reds. Lovely. xx

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I am grinning from ear to ear. You wacky-yet-glamorous and intrepid duo, you! I love that hat. It would go stunningly with those happening shoes you revealed some weeks back. (It's fun to see Grandma and Grandpa, too!)

    P.S. Hope Miss K truly is A-OK!

  5. Happy Anniversary! lovely photos against the snow... great hat x

  6. happy anniversary -- the dark red against snow is beautiful
    lisa x

  7. Happy anniversary, I wish you many more years together!
    You look lovely in the pictures!
    Love Lou xxx

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    I think it's very romantic to have snow on your wedding day - lucky you!

  9. Happy anniversary Tess! What a glamerous couple you make!

  10. Whoops what terrible spelling!

  11. Congrats on 13 years. I love your hat--so beautiful!

  12. Happy Anniversary! Your bouquet was very beautiful, here's to many more happy years!

  13. Wow! lovely flowers, and that HAT! We were married the same year, and I believe I had the same shoes ...

    Hope you had a fabulous time and Miss K is fine now.

  14. Ooops I seem to have deleted my comment, unless it's floating round in the ether about to reappear!

    Just wanted to say happy anniversary! And how lovely to see the photos of your white wedding - the snow is a beautiful backdrop for your gorgeous flowers!

  15. A snowy wedding - how romantic!!! Happy Anniversary ... I hope the Miss K got better quickly so you could still enjoy the day together

  16. Oh! I'm late! I'm late...for a Very Important Date.

    I hope that your day was special and that it will be just one of many years of celebration.

    p.s. I love the hat!

  17. Congratulations honey, sorry it's late! Hope you enjoyed yourselves-Miss K obviously thought she was missing out on something!
    I love winter weddings, we weren't that far behind you!

  18. Congratulations on your special anniversary. How wonderful to see photos too. I hope there will be many many more years to celebrate and that your love for each other will grow deeper and deeper.

    That was certainly a big bouquet but gorgeous colours and you both looked so happy.

    I hope Miss K got better very quickly and that you were able to continue to celebrate.

  19. You were very brave! Gorgeous photos..what a setting..happy anniversary :D


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