Sunday, 4 January 2009

happy new year

Happy New Year everyone, ok so it's a bit belated, it now being the 4th, but we seem to get stuck in a bit of a hole in the time space continuum, and slowed right down after New Years Eve, until we have almost come to a halt - could it be that the little people are delaying thinking about school tomorrow for as long as possible..........

can't say I blame them, the long quiet days, with no rushing about since Christmas have been blissful, children happily entertained by new books/games/lego....... an abundance of sweets and chocolate, and friends and family visiting, and one very bracing walk in the very chilly wintry weather - Miss K and E ran and ran and ran to keep warm, our guest's children are younger, and did not know of the delights the cafe would have in store when we finally got there, so they cried and cried instead...........

it's been fun reading everyone's New Year resolutions, and looking back at everyone's achievements and photos of 2008. I've made another mosiac (ok so I'm addicted) which will hopefully inspire me for more in 2009. First I really want to make this flower pillow tutorial, and I MUST finish this quilt........ after that - who knows...... perhaps this will be the year for crochet.....

happy 2009!


  1. I've been so inspired by people's mosaics these days...hopefully I'll have enough finished projects to really make one next year!

  2. I love your mosaics - keep on doing them please! Don't your finished projects look great too.

    Happy New Year :o)

  3. The pillow is great isn;t it- good luck. I've got crochet on my list for February :-). and I've got a quilt to finish too - We'll have to spur each other on ..
    lisa x

  4. Absolutely love the mosaics - very clever indeed and what a lot of lovely projects. I loved the previous one too of all the pressies - so many lovely things for all.

    Hope 2009 is a great year for you all.


  5. I see some things I recognize (she said in a little singsong voice)...Here's to a new year full of all manner of exciting new projects!! xoxo L

  6. Happy New Year to you all! Love the mosaics - you have had a busy crafting year!


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