Monday 5 January 2009

school has started, what's a girl to do....

so school has started, and the house is strangely empty.

since the decorations have come down it's also strangely dishevelled and in need of a really good clean, and there's a small mountain of washing/ironing, but not today, no today is a day for me, a long hot soak in the bath tub once the children have been taken to school, a lovely pot of tea and the last of the new years chocolate cake (what, don't you have new years cake in your house - well start a new tradition!), a quick read of blog lines to catch up with everyone, and then the mission to remember where my sewing machine is....... last seen Christmas Eve, finally finishing a present.... no last minute sewing today, no just playing, and practising, and planning.

first I wonder what to do with this - gorgeous ribbon from Zia Koko, anyone wanting ribbon head over there quick, she has the most divine collection. (edited to add, Zia is away for a week on family emergency, so go look at the ribbons and just wait a little longer for them to arrive......)

I can't decide, so I play with this instead, non stick matting, as recommended by my new book, to use instead of quilting gloves, the idea being that you get the same friction, but with wearing the gloves, so it's easier to pick up scissors , move pins etc....

haven't decided yet if I prefer it to my gloves, will keep trying, but I've had fun with some free motion shapes, and I'll try some more later - I certainly need more practise!

the non stick matting came on a roll of a metre, and I've only used a tiny square, so anyone who wants to try some let me know and I'll post you a bit. leave me a comment (make sure I can reply - no-comment reply people) or email me if you want some.


  1. your the second blog ive seen Zia on and i love her ribbons !!! very nice in the blue ive just got some east of india ones a few days ago and am going to order some from Zia website as well :-) i will join you on the cake but mine will be virtual as the dreaded new year diet started today :-(

  2. Hoo-whee! You are a veritable font of creativity about to bubble over all over the place! What fun! Hope you enjoyed the bath and cake... Oh, and I love the new banner!

  3. What beautiful quilting! I'm very lucky that Zia is my sister-in-law so I get lots of ribbony gifts when I pop round to see her.
    I wondered if you could edit your post though, as Zia has had to close her shop temporarily due to a family emergency, and although I am manning her emails for her, there will be a delay in sending out any orders. Could you just mention that she is away for the next week or so?

  4. I'm cack-handed enough I'd probably end up sewing non stick matting to the quilt ...

    Mine are back to school tomorrow and were very excited by the last day of holidays snow today!

  5. Ooooh................. that took the most incredible self-restraint not to buy ribbon from Zia............... painfully tempting though!
    It's so nice to settle back in to reading your lovely blog after all the mayhem of Christmas Tess..............

  6. i'm completely lost as to where the non stick matting comes into play and agree with Val that i'd probably end up sewing it to the quilt!! But i wanted to try some free motion stuff and now i'm wondering if I'm missing some vital info!! Your free hand stuff looks GREAT though! xx

  7. I think I would have too just look at that ribbon, very pretty!!!

    It’s no good I am going to have to go at look at the website for ribbons now!
    I hope you have had a relaxing day…Lou x

  8. your quilting looks great - is this going to be your forte this year ?
    lisa x

  9. Those free motion designs are is so much fun to play around with them!

  10. My kiddos go back to school tomorrow and I too was wondering about the sewing machine. I think it's under a bunch of stuff I just kept piling on the desk to get out of the way at Christmas!

  11. I just took a look at Zia's ribbons, they are so beautiful, thank you for the info.
    Love your free motion quilting, I have to admit I am not very good at that, I think I need a lot more practice.

  12. sounds like a lovely day to me


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