Tuesday, 20 January 2009

whats beside?

Ali started a what's on your bedside table? she had intellectual sudoko, and the list writer followed with glamourous jewellry. I was astonished by the amount of stuff crammed onto my little space (and actually this is quite tidy - often there's more.............)

books - cookbooks - of course! and quilting books and Robert the Rose horse, and Lollipop shoes
magazines - sew hip, and Quilting Arts, and Stitch
catalogues - quilt direct, cotton patch, and Williams Sonoma
a magic housework fairy coaster - she's lazy and doesn't do ANY housework.........
a pencil
a rock with a moon on to help me get to sleep - found on the beach last summer by E
perfume - nearly all gone, must drop hints to hubby!
glasses - for when I've taken out my contact lenses
inhalers, vicks vapour rub and lip salve - leftover from the Christmas ills...
some jewellry - in a tray so the cats don't steal it and flick it down the side of the bed - like they did with a favourite earring.....

oh my what a lot...... at least there's no cold cups of tea - J seems to have given up on bringing me any when he goes to work.....

in contrast J has an ipod - that's it!


  1. you lot are all tidying up before you do this, right? Because I couldn't have that much stuff without it all spilling off the sides.

    My careful peering at the screen cannot reveal any dust either.

  2. My bedside table looks very similar...

  3. Cor, that's very tidy. Wow. I photographed mine in bad lighting so you wouldn't see the balls of dust, but yours looks clean too.

    Lovely bedtime reading :o)

  4. So really, be honest, did you tidy it up for the photo - because that is SO tidy. I'm far to embarrassed to show you mine!

  5. Very tidy! I have a bad stacking habit....very bad. Love the reading material.

  6. I LOVE this idea for a post, although yours looks far more like my bedside table than Ali's or Nancys, I must say! I am definitely going to do min ASAP-but may 'lose' the odd bit of crap on the floor first...x

  7. I thought about copying this idea, but you probably don't want to see the used kleenex or the layer of dust. (I used to use those exact same inhalers - blehhh...)


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