Tuesday 6 January 2009

catching up

I managed 4 blocks today from the quilt along, so that's a month caught up. still a way to go.....

and a bit more practising free motion quilting, I'm going to try and practise every day, ok, so it won't really happen every day, but I can hope...... still can't decide if I prefer the non stick mat instead of gloves, don't forget if you want some mat just let me know.

think I have all the Christmas decorations down now, there's a huge pile of stuff waiting for J to get home so it can make it into the attic........

but these halloween decorations somehow still seem to be up.........

and some things are too pretty to be just for Christmas, and so this star has moved next to my sewing machine, so the colours can cast rainbows.

in other news our estate agents just rang and I had one of those moments when I thought
"who" "oh yes, we do have an estate agent don't we" - it's just been so long since we heard from them. anyway someone wants to come on Thursday, so I suppose I'd better get the hoover out, not holding my breath, they'll probably only offer about half the asking price even if they like it.......


  1. Ack, good luck for Thursday!

    I just have the decs from the girls' room to clear. I even managed to lug the tree outside without an accident - hence the sit down with the 'puter ;-)

  2. Oh, how could you EVER take down Halloween decorations as marvelous as those?!? Love the colorful star, too. Good luck with the house-lookers!

  3. Cutest Halloween decorations ever!
    The squares are great--and love your free motion!
    Hope Thursday goes well!

  4. Wow, a month of crafting progress in a day! Very impressive! And your free motion quilting is lovely. Will be thinking of you on Thursday. K x

  5. That star is very pretty and the Halloween decs are cool. Best of luck with the house hunters!

  6. ooh , how did the viewing go ? Well done with the blocks.. I've been watching 'how to crochet; videos on Youtube today !!
    Lisa x

  7. How did your viewing go sweetie?x

  8. Thanks for your response on my blog. Phillipa's book is just great!!


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