Wednesday 21 January 2009

can there be too much fabric?

because I've run out of fabric for the quilt a long quilt I've been having some fun with making tote bags

this bird is the latest one.

I needed more fabric

ok so you know you got a bit carried away when fabric shopping, when you come home with ROLLS...................

and for quilting some cottons - ok so they don't go together, but they'll mix with what I have and for £2m I couldn't leave them in the shop.

couldn't resist this either, for it's sheer madness, the photo doesn't show it - the drawings are actually pink! didn't find what I wanted for the quilt though - have to go shopping again..............

several people have commented on the tidyness of the bedside table - I was very careful with that photo not to include the overflow onto the floor............................. I thought perhaps the horror of that might frighten you all away...................


  1. you can never go wrong with a tote, rolls of fabric lol,,,
    lisa x
    ps wouldn't dare show my bedside table

  2. love the tote and the bird on it!! very impressed at whole rolls of fabric!!
    Lesley x

  3. So you are the person that ran out of fabric...I new there was one but I just thought it was a rumor!
    Are you sure you are not using it as an excuse to buy more, you can tell us we won't breath a word!

  4. Never too much fabric!! Very cute totes. And I love the rolls of fabric!

  5. NO! Definately not! Same as there can never be too much wool...

  6. Tess, m'dear, you are HARD CORE. Now I'll know whom to ask if ever I need a bit of fabric...

  7. Rolls of fabric?!?! It never even crossed my mind that one can buy a whole roll.

    I love the tote you made.

    BTW my bedside table would look very similar to yours if I had one (since our move we are lacking in furniture)

  8. ooooh! I love that shoe fabric!!! You can never have too much fabric!

  9. A roll of fabric, now that looks very serious to me.............. I love your bag with the bird on, just gorgeous................................. Vanessa xxxxx

  10. No, you can never have too much fabric...I love looking at the stash and planning what I can sew next! Love what you bought.
    Margaret and Noreen

  11. The tote bag is gorgeous. Rolls of fabric, now I know you are a serious fabric hoarder!


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