Wednesday, 21 April 2010


decisions decisions...............

first I was going to make a Chinese coin quilt, which would look a bit like this.

then I saw a tutorial for a quilt a bit like this..............

but then I got thinking what if I combined the two?

and I still have to decide whether to go random to sort the colours in each strip.

what do you think?


  1. Oh good lord Tess I haven't even worked out how to thread my sewing machine up yet! So that all looks a bit complicated to me- I like the second one though...
    My decision is whether to go for a ride on Riley while it's sunny or bake some bread??
    Errrrm- ride!
    Good luck with your quilt

  2. What do I think? I think I am overwhelmed and terrified and running out to dig in the garden, which is something I actually know how to do. But take heart, ol' Tessie: if you're doing it, it will be gorgeous no matter what.

    (Chuckling at Mrs P's comment...) xoxo

  3. Go on, be a devil - go all random! I've got the hang of random now but don't ask me my method.

  4. Hi Tess, just catching up with news in the driftwood clan. My you have been busy. Congratulations to all of you on winning all those prizes!! Sounds like great fun and some of the joys of being in the country I imagine.
    As to the next quilt project - I agree with dragonfly - go with your heart and see where it takes you and above all, enjoy it!

  5. I have no opinion - I'm sure you'll make a good design decision. The fabric with big flowers (daisies?) - today I saw a woman wearing a dress made out of that fabric and the question of where I saw it before bugged me all day. Now I know - on your blog :-)

  6. Oh crikey I haven't a clue, why don't you make one of each and then send me the one you don't want? No, I guess that probably didn't help did it? I'm sure it'll be fab whichever way you choose though.

    Kate xxx

  7. I love the colours in picture four, but with such a stripy pattern I'd go with number three.

    Did you decide??

    Nina xxxxx

  8. I think i might be really really confused by this

    (but I like it when the colours line up)

  9. I think I want a piece of millionaire's shortbread.

  10. Oh man! I would have the exact same trouble as you. I have no idea which one I would choose--very helpful, isn't it? Can't wait to see it finished.

  11. Congratulations with the show've won another!!
    Have a look on the Patch blog!!!
    The quilt top looks great...I haven't progressed past squares so I don't feel qualified to comment!!
    Love the fabrics so I reckon either way will look fab xxx

  12. I'm so late commenting I bet you've already made your decision! Can't wait to hear which one it is. K x

  13. I am really the last person you want to ask about this.

  14. oh dear... they're all lovely!

    (when I start thinking about such matters I'm up all night and simply don't sleep....)

  15. Such decisions. I am hopeless at this sort of thing, if I had to choose..... I like the combination on photo No 2. I am sure you will come up with the right choice to suit you. Good Luck. x


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