Thursday, 15 April 2010

reading the rules

picture the scene if you can.
the beginning of a two week school holiday.
with no plans, play dates, or parties.
heavenly you think, until 2 children say
"what are we going to DO?"
and you remember that your hubby is going away at the end of the second week, and perhaps you really should make some plans...........

"we're going to enter the spring show" I say with faked enthusiasm, and show schedules are aquired, and discussed, and pored over, and the rules read.

the garden is assessed, and I decide that these daffodils are miniature, but who knows if they are on the "approved list". if they are disqualified then I guess they are not........

my plans to only have the children enter anything are thwarted when Miss K spots the class for lemon drizzle cake.
lemon drizzle cake is probably her most favourite cake in the whole world.
even more than chocolate.
how can she be a daughter of mine I wonder.
must be due to her father's genes............
anyway I am nagged and nagged to enter the lemon drizzle class.
until I cave in for some peace and quiet..........

also making an entry will be these yellow and orange daffs, who have a class of their own. I do hope I'm not supposed to know what variety they are, I was truly delighted to find them bravely growing in the corner in the shade of the last of the conifers.

and then there will be sea creatures, and funky animals made of vegetables, and scones and caramel shortbread, and decorated cupcakes in the childrens classes.............

so my kitchen tomorrow will be a bomb site of flour, and sugar, and icing and bits of mangled vegetable.
and due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland hubby is not going anywhere until the flights are uncancelled..................
which means he will be home to witness the destruction.

it's just as well I've got a new apron, I will be stopping to read it often I think

wish me luck. not for the winning, just making it through tomorrow will be enough...........


  1. Wow. You really are entering a world of pain. I used to have to report on shows as a junior reporter.

    Good, er, luck.

  2. Ooerr. We've resisted the village show so far - so I shall watch your progress with fascination!

  3. Good luck! My friend keeps asking me if I can enter her village show (quite a few catagories too)... I'm sure the rules are that you have to actually live in the village and not 100 miles from it!

    I love the two-colour daffodils.

  4. You are certainly going to be busy, but all good fun I hope. Those daffodils look lovely, I wish you well and hope you and your family win something. I shall look out for your exhibits when I visit the show on Saturday. xx

  5. Sending lots of good luck your way. Looks like you will be very busy. Your daffodils look just beautiful.

  6. GOOD LUCK!! Love the apron by the way- when the flour his the fan look down and follow the instructions! Don't you find the rules quite funny if you read between the lines? You just know they have come about cos some old dear has bought her victoria sponge from M&S and/or her home grown toms from the farmers market!

  7. How wonderful (the whole villagey aspect of it...I am in love with the whole idea in the way that only someone living in somewhere less villagey can be) and awful (the pressure of the actual making process) in equal measures. Good luck. x

  8. Good luck with your village show endeavours :) Let us know how you get on.

  9. Oooh, that sounds exciting. I'd love to have the courage to enter a village show. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  10. I do love the world of village shows. I am very excited to hear how the lemon drizzle cake does - oh and the vegetable animals. Best of all floury aprony luck

  11. Good luck, good luck, good LUCK!!

    Hope that helps though I'm sure you'll have fun - kids in the kitchen....say no more!

    take care and enjoy,

    Nina xxxxxx

  12. phew!
    hope its all going well..and hope you win a prize too x

  13. Good luck with your entries - sounds like a lot of fun!

  14. we don;t have anything like that here - good luck :-)

  15. On the grounds of how my kitchen looks after an intense baking session I wish you very much luck indeed

    (and even more luck for the prize giving, which I'm sure will be a given!)


  16. Loads of work but great fun as well. My one claim to fame is joint first with a jar of lemon curd in the Young Farmer's tent...way back in the mists of time! Good luck!
    Margaret (and Noreen)

  17. Good luck. Hope everyone will have some fun and you'll get to win something (or at least meet some like-minded people).

  18. You are a REAL mother, and my hat is off to you. My apron, too. Have fun! xoxo

  19. Oh wow! I can't wait to read all about it. Hope all goes well!

    And I just finished baking a lemon drizzle for the allotment cafe tomorrow. It's my favorite cake, too. Maybe K's think alike!

    K x

  20. oooh, how did it go??! I do love a bit of lemon drizzle myself.
    Keep meaning to ask you if you have the Harry Eastwood cake cook-I made the gluten free butternut squash chocolate cake today-and thought of you!! it tastes really good. If you haven't got it let me know and I'll post you the recipe over.
    May have to get one of your aprons for work...x


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