Monday, 19 April 2010

monday morning

number of hours of a quiet house since the children went back to school - 5

number of pieces of millionaires shortbread eaten - 2

number of times I have looked at this Chinese coin quilt in progress and not done anything to it - 2 million

amount of time it took me to find this white cotton for sashing - not telling you...

number of episodes of the edible garden watched on bbc iplayer - 2 - thanks for the tip off all you lovely bloggers who knew about this when I didn't! It's a great show. I wish I looked good in a dress/wellington boot combo................

number of cups of tea drunk - 3 -not enough, off in search of another.
thanks for all the lovely comments on the last 2 posts, I'll make a pot of tea and we can have a celebratory cup together, with perhaps just one more slice of cake? care to join me.....
back soon, with progress on the quilt that isn't going to be a coin quilt anymore.


  1. Put the kettle on then Tess and I'll join you. That millionaires shortbread does look just too good to resist- I have been watching the edible garden on iplayer today too and thought the same as you about the dress and welly combo- never mind how brilliant her garden looks without her seeming to break into a sweat, never mind going unattractively pink and not being able to breathe like I do every time I garden. Milk and no sugar thanks

  2. Mmmmm I love Millionaires Shortbread. Love it, love it!
    Great post.

  3. I get my peace and quiet tomorrow. Well, that's the theory anyway. In reality I'm not going to know what to dod with myself:-(

  4. Oooh that shortbread looks very tempting! And I'm so enjoying Alys Fowler--just watched the second one on the iplayer last night! I just wish I had that much retro style! K x

  5. SOunds so familiar!
    I'll have a cuppa with you!

  6. Only two pieces? You are a saint.

  7. Alys in her frocks - tick (I caught up on this tonight), Yorkshire tea - tick (four todAY). Miillionaire's shortbread - no, muffins instead. Chinese coin quilt? Never heard of it but I did make a bracelet from vintage buttons.

  8. How come I don't know about this programme?

    Oh yes, it's because my parents have control over the tv... still...both of's and parents...

  9. The shortbread looks delicious! I don't think I could stop at just two pieces though!

  10. So pleased that the whole Driftwood family did well at the fete (last post).

    I admire your restraint...I've never had more than one piece of Millionaires Shortbread sitting in front of me...but I know that had I ever been faced with more then I certainly wouldn't have stopped at two! x

  11. Oh that shortbread!! I wouldn't have been able to only eat two pieces!

  12. Maybe it was just the wrong dress or the wrong pair of wellies. Try, try again!

    (Enjoy the silence. For me as well, as my time won't come for another decade or so...)


    P.S. My word verif is "bilingo," which either means I am bilingual or that I should play more bingo.

  13. I'll definately join you in a slice of cake - no tea though thank you . Think I'll be checking the i player for that programme when G goes for his nap - oh and I've been sewing too :-)

  14. Ooh I could just sink my teeth into some of that millionaire deliciousness and I am with you on the Yorkshire T, 100%. Belated congrats to you all for your culinary successes, that really was a baking fest you had and every bit of it gorgeous!
    Thanks for the tip-off on the Alys Fowler show, I must look it up, I've noticed the book is ultra cheap on Amazon at the moment; perhaps I may have to invest.
    Thanks also for your lovely comments. And I'll stop wittering now!

    Kate x

  15. Just popped in to say hello...I could just eat that peice of millionaires shortbread looks yummy.

  16. Thanks in turn from me for mentioning the edible garden - I just watched the first episode and looking forward to seeing more.


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