Wednesday, 28 April 2010

more decision making

thanks for all the lovely support on my moaning Monday post. the toilet is fixed. the car is not..... they told us it was just a sensor and easy to fix. but it still doesn't work apparently. bother.

still no further on with the quilt, although I've cut out some more strips in different colours.
I keep getting distracted you see.

First someone at the library knitting group brought in some sample books destined for the rubbish, and now a new cushion graces our sofa.

Then I started cutting out bunting from more fabric scraps, for a charity stall someone else is running.

and I've been wanting to make some summer tops and keep coming across this top, simplicity 4589 - it even has it's own flickr group. problem is it's out of print.

so then I've been looking at this new look 6705 pattern and 6871 which are a bit similar.

and then I found some online tutorials, this one which is at sew mama sew, and from made by rae and then there's this tie top tank

- when I choose which to do I'll still have fabric decisions to make. I wonder when I became so indecisive..............................

of course if you have any pattern recommendations I'd be happy to consider them!


  1. Check this out - your 4589 pattern is on a buy it now on Ebay (USA)
    Hope this link works.
    I love the site you mention but when it comes to sewing, I'm working my way through the wonderful Japanese sewing books that are out there. So glad you got yourself sorted.

    Kate x

  2. I know just how you feel. Just when I think I made up my mind.....something else comes along and then I can't decide. I think I'm having a love/hate relationship with patterns. I love them, they hate me!
    Love the new cushion for your couch--so bright and cheery!

  3. You might be able to find Simplicity 4589 on Ebay. I very much like the New Look 6705 - have been wondering whether to buy it myself.

    Any top would look wonderful in the two blue fabrics at the top and bottom of your post!

    N. xx

  4. Oh, just noticed harmony and rosie's comment about Ebay - I should read before I type! x

  5. You've got lots on the go then - good job it's a 3 day weekend!

  6. I like the sew mama sew top the best

    (and rubbishness for all the stuff last week, very unpleasant sounding indeed!)

  7. Whew - dizzying!

    Well, I think the cushion is spectacular, the bunting would go nicely in the ladies-only cottage that I dream of having for mental health retreats...and isn't it ALWAYS a sensor problem? Sheesh.

    Happy sewing, and I hope the car is humming along soon... xoxoxo

  8. Feeling very inspired by all the summer tops!

    And I've been feeling terribly indecisive too lately. I'm blaming the change in weather. Though apparently it's changing back for the weekend. Typical bank holiday!

    Will keep fingers crossed for the car.

    K x

  9. Oooh, I love your cushion. Gorgeously satiny.

    I do have a couple of top patterns that I've made successfully - will dig them out and pass on the details.

  10. I'm afriad I'm not much good in the pattern department - my knowledge is zero! WHat I do know is that your cushion is incredibly pretty and cheerful, your bunting perfect for spring and that I'd give my eye teeth for a top in the bottom fabric. Lovely

  11. Make them all and then you can use all your lovely fabrics as well.

    No decison making and you'll look sickeningly stylish the whole summer through!

  12. Oh Tess I just love that cushion!

  13. Such lovely makings & fabrics! I do like that rainbow-hued cushion over... and that festive bunting! Thanks for the cheers on the quilt--it was a labor of love, and now even more hooked on quilting...LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  14. The cushion looks very cheerful. I'll be interested to see which pattern you'll choose and how it turns out as I want to try to make some summer cloths as well. I'm debating if I should make some for my daughter (as it should be easier, but she may refuse to wear them) or for myself.


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