Monday, 26 April 2010

a different monday morning

last Monday morning I sat and sewed and played with colour combinations very happily

this Monday morning I'm going to ring the garage, and get them to come and get the car.

the quite new car that broke down yesterday 140 miles from home.

the children were quite excited by the recovery truck.
but then the wait by the side of the road was quite long, they would have been excited by a wheelbarrow ride.
although not a wheelbarrow the ride home was bumpy and uncomfortable.
but we are home...

and then when I've rung the garage I'm going to try and mend the toilet that overflowed all over the bathroom floor just as we were heading out to school...........

but first I'm going to have another cup of tea

hope you are having a nicer Monday xxxx


  1. Crumbs! Hope the week gets better and that the car isn't too expensive to fix.

  2. Wow, couldn't get much more exciting than that! Seriously though, you poor thing, I totally sympathise with you and hope you manage to get it done ok - very impressed you're even trying.

    How's the quilt coming along?

    Kate x

  3. oh dear, not a good start to the week... we , for once, are not doing too bad!!

  4. oh poor you! hopefully the week will get better and maybe you'll be able to have some more days like last monday! fliss xx

  5. Not a good start at all - I had one of those weeks last week when the boiler packed hot water or heating at all!

    Hope it gets better,

    Nina xxx

  6. Oh no - a good day seldom begins with car trouble. You might need cake with that tea.

  7. Tea, yes. And slug some rum into it.

  8. Oh no! I hope your day has improved muchly since this morning. I think a good many cups of tea are in order! K x

  9. Why is it that problems all come at once. Just think it has got to get better Tess,I hope your wheels are back on the road soon and the tea worked a treat. xx

  10. Ugh, car trouble on a Monday is just horrid. I started last week with teh RAC man and while he's very nice, I'd rather not see him for a while yet!

    Hope the day improved.

  11. Oh, drat! That definitely tops my broken washing machine caper of last week. You know I prescribe chocolate to go with that tea...

    Hang in there. xoxoxo

  12. Just catching up - so congratulations on all your cakery and prize winning, I'm also enjoying The Edible Garden and I'm afarid I can't offer you a shred of help in the quilt decision department.

    Boo hiss to the car/toilet malfunctions - I'd recommend cake, chocolate and rum with the tea. And then a nice lie down.

    Hopefully today has been better.

  13. Oh no! I hope the week gets better!


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