Sunday, 18 April 2010

an excess of cakes and even some prizes!

ok here goes, are you ready for an excess of cake and sugar and more sugar, and maybe just a sprinkle more.
ash fallout from the Icelandic volcano isn't what's grounded the UK air industry, it's the clouds of icing sugar from my kitchen..........

we've been busy bee's here in the driftwood house!

some leftover roses from a wedding cake have been put to use

some family members favour the everything in excess style of decorating....

another little bee looking for a flower to rest on.

this cake looks like it might be feeling a little blue? perhaps it's as tired as I was by 10pm after delivering all the cakes and flowers.......

the making of the buttercream icing meant the lemon drizzle cake might have had a few minutes longer than it needed in the oven, and oops look wrinkles from the greaseproof paper - definitely not show standard, but Miss K says it tastes good!

and a satisfying rack of child made scones filled the house with a most delicious smell.

and look - they are prize winning scones no less! E was enormously proud and even more impressed with his £3 prize money, which had to be spent immediately on match attax world cup cards..............

Miss K was more than happy with her millionaires shortbread 2nd prize! and £2 to put towards a mood measuring necklace no less........ but I must just say that whoever thought this is a suitable challenge for a child's class needs their IQ testing. I mean come on, bubbling hot caramel and small children. really......... why?

and me you ask, well my daffs with the orange centres came 2nd! my cupcakes came joint 3rd!
clearly all your well wishes did the trick, so thank you, thank you, thank you.
you may be called upon again.
Both E and Miss K are hugely keen to do this again, at every village show in the county if they get their way I fear. Me. not so keen........... we'll see.............

and just so you don't think we're ALL about cakes here, here's proof that we do indeed do have vegetables too.

and my prize money you might wonder. well I spent my £3 on the these. I love them. they smell amazing. and unlike everything else round here they're sugar free........


  1. Oh, how beautiful all those goodies look. Congrats on the prizes, excellent! I love how you spent your prize money, I love it!

  2. Congratulations! The bee cake is wonderful. I'm so glad all your hard work paid off.

  3. WELL DONE DRIFTWOODS!! You haven't caught the village show bug then? Like Dragonfly I love the bee cake- and the over the top cakes- fab!

  4. Well done :)

    You wait next year you'll be entering more classes - I understand this sort of thing is addictive ;)

  5. How wonderful! I just love the bees.

  6. You did it! Honestly. I. Am. In. Awe.

  7. Hey hey, prizewinners eh? Coingrats to all of you - and I'm glad you were all winners!

  8. Well done on your wins! I too have a son who spends all his money on Match attax.....!

  9. Congratulations!! I wouldn't mind coming around for cakes and sugar extravaganza. :)

  10. Congratulations! It all looks fabulous! I can't believe how much you did. And I think your cupcakes should have won 1st prize! K x

  11. 'Oh bless' and bravo the Driftwood household though do you have to take your produce home and then eat them --- alllllll?

    take care,

    Nina xx

  12. Congratulations and Well Done Tess and Family. I saw your exhibits on Saturday at the show and thought they looked amazing,lots of hard work but hopefully good fun with the children. A real family affair. Thank you for your comment on my piece. You deserve to put your feet up for a couple of days and enjoy the produce. x

  13. Oh, yippee!! I never doubted for a minute that you all would sweep the prizes...

    Now, I'll take a package of those scones and one of the shortbread also, please...


  14. yeah , way to go the Driftwood family - well done :-)


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