Wednesday 17 October 2007

a corner of my home - the kitchen

first there was this, a once lovely but rather tired looking kitchen.

so after months of hard work; sanding, painting, new worktops and a new sink there was this.

A refurbished kitchen which wasn't new but looked a whole lot better, didn't cost the earth, but had taken rather longer than we anticipated!

and then in May water poured through the ceiling from the bathroom above, and soaked into the wall and the cupboards, so now we have this

still. In October...


  1. Oh my goodness! That's an awful thing to happen, but especially after you had just completed all that hard work! Hard to gather the enthusiasm to start it all again, isn't it?

  2. Oh no! It did look fab though, and I'm sure it will again. It must have been very dispiriting :-(

  3. You poor thing - it is so difficult to start again.

  4. What bad luck, I bet you were (are still?) gutted.

  5. oh dear - how awful. I think I would still be crying about it all. And it looked so lovely before.

  6. Oh no! I saw in your profile that you didn't have a kitchen (and I can relate to that as neither do we, but a new one is hopefully coming on Monday)...and then saw that you did (it looked lovely, so much hard work!) and then that you didn't - you poor thing! I hope 2008 brings kitcheny goodness for you.

    Thanks for visiting my blog - yes, the Homestyle book is lovely, isn't it.



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