Sunday 28 October 2007

little helpers

well I didn't manage to make the birthday present bag - I got as far as making some faux chenille for a panel, but no further. a glass vase with pebbles and hyacinth bulbs in became the emergency back up present..
this weekend seems to have been spent tidying up the aftermath of half term, except the peeps do anything to avoid tidying up "I'm playing with that pile of dust in the middle of the room you just swept up, it has glitter in"
and then there were the other helpers to contend with, I wanted to put something on that shelf!

thanks for the comments on the pay it forward idea, email me your addresses so I can post you your handmade gift, I wonder what it will be?


  1. I totally understand the cleaning up the mess stuff all too well!

  2. Battling with the aftermath here too. Surely I had MORE time...what happened?

  3. One more day to go here before the big clean up - I think a whirlwind has been through this house. My two helpers make themselves very scarce when it's tidying up time!
    Kim x

  4. You'd think that with being away for half term the house would have stayed tidy. Oh - no, I forgot, I left my husband at home ...

    Give me strength!


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