Monday 15 October 2007


when I was photographing the bunting in the garden yesterday I met this little fella, he was still there today, so I guess that meant he wanted his photo taken too...

love these leaves, although one by one they are falling off, and looking sad on the ground.

and some blue sky which came out for about 5 minutes, just long enough to grab the camera and lie on the grass in the front garden - the neighbours probably think I'm insane....


  1. Having a blog makes you do all sorts of things that might otherwise be considered odd - but give you lovely photos!

  2. I've given up worrying about the neighbours! I've been outside photgraphing the oddest things since having my blog! When you see blue sky you need to photograph it! Thanks for the get well wishes
    Kim x

  3. Lovely photos. I'm sure most neighbours of bloggers think they live next door to mad women!!
    Cathy X


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