Saturday 20 October 2007

half term

so half term has started and something tells me it might be a crafty one. Miss K and I are going to the Quilters Guild regional day today, so she can go to the young quilters workshop, she's been a member for a while since someone recommended it, and she likes the YG section of the quilter magazine, but we've never been to anything. I get to listen to a talk, and do a post card challenge, and a block lotto challenge neither of which I understand, or feel upto. Not sure what Miss K gets to do, but boy is she excited about it!
E-boy (not his name, although his name does begin with E - he just gets called it, dad started it when he was a baby, and it sort of stuck, fortunately he really likes it, although personally I always just think of him as E) is excited about a whole day with dad, thinks he'll be playing star wars games on the computer all day, and watching tv.
Later in the week we have what the kids call sewing club, which are embroiderer's guild workshops, run by these wonderful "grannies" every half term for two mornings. E-boy used to have to come by default, because I couldn't leave Miss K on her own till she was 8, now he wants to come anyway - this is his picture from the summer, none of the embroiderer's had ever done a helicopter or a plane before - well we like to broaden horizons, he designed it all, I cut out the felt shapes, and between us we stitched it all together. and it has pride of place in his room, except when anyone comes, and he goes and gets it to show them!

This is Miss K's which she did this all mostly all by herself - its called nearly there (the theme was "on the move") just out of the picture is the mouse hole - useless photography sorry.

right time to make pancakes for breakfast, it's getting noisier upstairs, and there may be a riot soon.

Thanks for all the lovely supportive comments about the kitchen, it was lovely to read them. I have days when it drives me insane, mostly I am resigned to the chaos, hopefully SOON I can show some photos of progress, and when its finished and I have worktops, and a cooker that works I'll bake cake and we can celebrate!


  1. How lovely to have them sewing & quilting and enjoying the same hobbies as you do. Mine are a bit small for that yet - but all in good time!

  2. What a creative family you have! Great that your son sews. I hope my two grow to like sewing too one day.

  3. Happy half term. Those young people sound much better organised than mine ever were at that age.

  4. Thank you so much for posting a comment on my blog. It was a real encouragement and of course I just have to reciprocate. How lovely to see what everyone in your house is sewing! How did the regional quilter's guild day go?
    Have a great half term. My youngest is 19 so we don't really do half term anymore but as she is a fashion design student living at home currently there are still lots of links to the world of sewing!


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