Thursday, 25 October 2007


a trip to see the sharks is usually a birthday treat in December for my two peeps and their uncle; two share a birthday, and one is three days earlier. But it's their cousins birthday tomorrow (cupcake quilt girl) so we went on Tuesday.

never go anywhere at half term, it was way too busy,
when the divers were feeding the sharks (by hand!) I had to lift the peeps up so they could see, I just about managed to give Miss K a piggy back, she's much too heavy to go on my shoulders, but not tall enough to see.

these little sharks are in a tank which is glass to the floor, perfect for little ones to see, and has an open top - better for photos, all the ones I took through glass are blurry and have reflections.

tomorrow will bring (hopefully) photos from sewing club, and a present I've started to make for a friends birthday, I hope it will be ready by sunday...

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  1. Ugh, it really has been busy everywhere this week! We got up early today to head off to the zoo and just about managed to beat the crowds till lunchtime. We left just as it started to get completely mad. Now, what to do this afternoon?


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