Sunday 14 October 2007

yet more bunting!

Making the birthday bunting was such fun, (easy and quick results, nice after the length of time a quilt takes) that I got a bit addicted, and have made some Halloween bunting ready for the 31st - I'm usually a bit more last minute! I photographed it in the garden to show off the gorgeous reds of the Virginia creeper, the autumn colours are amazing this year.

And for Rosie - the most spoilt baby dolly in the world, a little pillow and quilt, don't think I did all those patchwork squares, it was recycled from a very pretty child's sundress that was outgrown. Rosie loves it apparently.

Also well appreciated was the cupcake quilt, she immediately lay down on it, saying "my bed my bed" and just about managed "my wilt"!


  1. Lucky Rosie! And how gorgeous that your niece loved the quilt so much ...

  2. must do some bunting.

    Love it.

  3. Bunting is such fun, someone told me it has saved them a fortune in balloons over the past few years! Rosie does sound like a very spoiled doll.

  4. I love the bunting. The quilt is gorgeous too. I've just taken a peek at that gooseberry fool, yummy!
    Kim x

  5. Great bunting, am doing something similarish for Halloween!


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