Monday 29 October 2007

not just mess

just to prove that we didn't just spend half term making a giant enormous huge mess (although that's what it feels like) here are the results of sewing club. the theme was skinny landscapes and each child chose a picture, and then portrayed it in fabric and embroidery. miss K loved it, and this is her poppy picture, she was like a cat with the cream, sitting there with an embroidery hoop, and lots of lovely threads.

e-boy was less contended this time, he wanted to play with the button box and the beads, which was rather frowned upon, and there were no landscapes with jet planes, or x-wings or rebel tie -fighters. but we found some nice sheep, which I had to help with quite a lot - no problem there, I rather like sheep, and then he was happy to sit and draw while big sister finished her masterpiece.

sorry the colours are so awful, the poppies are much more lovely in real life, and I thought the light was quite good when I took the pictures.


  1. Those pics are both gorgeous. What lovely things to make in half term. We only managed to make a mess and a picture of some trees drawn by Grace.
    Cathy X

  2. What a pair of clever children - I would be very proud to have made the poppies mysefl!

  3. Those poppies are stunning - very impressive!

  4. they are gorgeous - I just love the poppies.

  5. lovely poppies, i had poppies in my wedding bouquet, one of my favorite flowers


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