Friday, 9 November 2007


brrr, it's a bit chilly this morning, if only I lived near a shop like this.
but which ones would I choose????

oh and the new boiler has stopped working, after 24 hours. great....


  1. I want them all. But if I'm on a desert island and I can only have one pair I'm going for the lime green.

  2. No, no, no. Too many hands, way too freaky!

  3. I hope the boiler is fixed! I know exactly what you are going through having had a new one recently. We are now toasty warm and very grateful too.

    Quite some photo of all the gloves!

  4. Oh, no! Hope you're warm and toasty again now and have heat! Happy weekend ((HUGS))

  5. Keep warm. I was melting here today in Oz!


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