Monday 12 November 2007


it's funny where inspiration can come from, I didn't think a school trip with 60 8/9 year olds would yield intricate embroideries and appliques..

lovely aren't they. now I want to make one.

it's lovely and warm, the boiler is working! I wonder how long for ...

and my lovely hubby spent 2 hours on Saturday night lying on the floor taking the cooker to peices because the builders have said they're not coming with the new kitchen and cooker till after Christmas. It sort of works now, sometimes you have to set the fan off manually before turning it on, and I've no idea what the temperature control is like, but we had crispy potato wedges which were heavenly.
I maybe won't let him mend anything else mind you, as we now have a HUGE scratch on the wooden kitchen floor and he gave himself an electric shock and his hand was numb for an hour....


  1. Take care - because crispy husbands is NOT what you want for Christmas!

  2. glad to hear that you are now nice and warm again. Summer is heating up here in Australia - I am so dreading it.

    Love the embroideries - can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. I love that first embridery in psrticular.

    And sympathy to your husband - I zapped myself once on some Christmas lights and the numbness was odd to say the least.


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