Friday 2 November 2007

I don't sell things

I went to a friends house today, she was having a joint open house with her jewellery, bags and notebooks, and another friend's handmade cards and gorgeous printed wrapping paper.
and I bought lots of things I didn't intend to.
and then my friend started talking to someone who'd come, who had just had their loft converted and was looking for a wall hanging or a quilt to hang in the stairwell.
so then the conversation went a bit like
"well you made a gorgeous wallhanging for your city and guilds - you could make one for L. "
"......" - me
"oh that would be great, what was it like"
"....." me
then I engaged my brain and said I'd send photos of what I'd done.


what have I done....


  1. That wallhanging is great. Good luck with your first commission, and congratulations!!
    Cathy XX

  2. wow!! that is fantastic news. Good on you. The wall hanging is beautiful.

  3. It's sooo beautiful, love the colours, is it silk?

  4. That's fantastic, the wall hanging is beautiful. Well done, take a deep breath and jump in! Have a good weekend
    Kim x

  5. This is gorgeous - is it felt? I love the colours, very exciting to have something commissioned! Well done! (BTW I was born in '72, so our paths may have crossed in Germany, albeit in a pram!)

  6. Hello! Thanks for stopping by to visit me today! I love your blog! And I really love this wall decoration of yours. Is that felted wool or silk? Super news you may have a commission! Give it a go, so how it feels, how it goes. Think of it as some fun, and that you may get paid for it--LOL! I look forward to coming back and hearing how the story continues. Happy weekend to you! :o)

  7. I'd say you've just made your first sale. Well done!

  8. :-) Good luck and congratulations. There is always the first time for everything

  9. thanks for all the support!
    for those who asked, the wallhanging is a mixture of nuno felt onto muslin, with more wool felted and couched on, layered with chiffon, cut back, quilted, appliqued and beaded - wish you hadn't asked huh!

  10. I am so impressed - what a beautiful piece of art. Lucky person!


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