Friday 16 November 2007

a night away

I'm so excited, I'm going on a night away with 4 girlfriends tomorrow night!
it's not that I don't love my family - I do, and will inevitably miss them, but sometimes it's so nice to have a meal without someone asking for ketchup or spilling their drinks everywhere - (although maybe if we have lots of wine that will still happen).
and they appreciate me more when I get back!!

one of the friends has a tiny holiday cottage on the Yorkshire coast so that's where we're going, and we're going out for dinner here, which is apparently according to the reviews is the most amazing place for seafood, and even my friend hasn't been yet as they don't serve children - that doesn't sound quite right does it, I meant they don't allow children in the restaurant in the evenings.

We're aiming for a nice walk, and lots of gossip, and a lie in on Sunday morning! I'll try and take lots of photos, as this post doesn't seem to be getting any...

now I just need to pop out and buy something to read in bed, and on recommendation from do you mind if I knit it might just have to be Country living.

hope you all have a nice weekend too.


  1. We stayed at Staithes in a cottage a few summers ago. Had lots of fun rock pooling. We managed a night at the very same restaurant, very nice!!

  2. Have a great time. Time away from your loved ones with girlfriends is very special indeed! Enjoy!

  3. enjoy your weekend away.

    I looked up the restaurant link you gave - my husband was born just up the road at Saltburn-by-the-sea. I have actually been to Staithes (a long time ago). I don't think the restaurant would have been there then.

    Don't feel guilty about leaving your family, you will appreciate them even more when you get home.

  4. Have a great weekend - looking forward to hearing all about it when you come back!

  5. That sounds like heaven, but I bet you wake up in the night wishing they were there! I have a night away on Thursday (business, not pleasure, sadly) and I intend to do a lot of uninterrupted knitting.


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