Tuesday 27 November 2007

the world is blurry

our morning walk to school was strangely beautiful this morning

the houses we can usually see are hidden from view

we wander slowly admiring the mist

and are late for school....

back home my mind is still strangely foggy, possibly due to writing letters to the kitchen company at gone 11 o'clock last night, complaining about the number of errors in the plans (8 - 8! there are only about 8 units, how can there be 8 errors, and not just little things, no, this is "why are there no drawers in my kitchen" kind of errors....


  1. Love these misty photos! It's been foggy off and on lots here too in southern Norway. Some sun today--at last though! Happy week to you (((HUGS))

  2. It's just wet here. And I have to do the school run all week coz my darling husband is in New York. Boo Hiss!!!

    Where on earth did you get your kitchen from???? Remind me not to use them - how blooming terrible!

  3. How beautiful - a real November day.

  4. We've been late lots recently - mostly reading the road signs. I feel disinclined to stop her!

    Sympathy for the kitchen - it's so irritating to have to chase people for things they ought to have under control. Grrrr.

  5. Love the mist. Very British!

  6. This made me think of that new Steven King movie, The Mist. Watch out for lobstrosities!


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